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Leveling in Storm Legion: “It’s Complicated”

By on Jun 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 9 comments

In between all of the Storm Legion speculation happening in RIFT’s community, a player on the official forums wondered about what approach to leveling Trion has in mind for the expansion. Here is the thread. This is the question asked:

“Hey, so I am wondering what the level path will be? Will both continents be 50-60 or will one be 50-55 then the other 56-60?”

Players then chimed in with their opinions. The general consensus seemed to be that players really want to see more diversity with leveling this time around, and would not only love multiple leveling paths from levels 50-60, but would also love to see new content for levels earlier than 50, as well. If the new continents are large enough, this may very well be a possibility some day, especially if Planetouched Wilds is still on Trion’s road map.

Here is what one player would like to see:

“This is how I hope it’ll work:

Lv 1-30 = one leveling path, to Scarwood
Lv 40-50 = two leveling paths, the north and south ones
Lv 50-55 = THREE leveling paths, especially if Planetouched Wilds comes out in say 1.10
(FIRST would be taking Ember Isle as a Lv 52 zone and Planetouched Wilds as either a Lv 52 or maybe something like Lv 54 zone. Maybe EI and this would be together as a ‘tier’?
SECOND would be on Dusken for one zone
THIRD would be on the Brevane for one zone)
Lv 55-60 = TWO leveling paths, as the other four zones on the two continents of Storm Legion – two each
(FIRST would be the last 2 zones of Brevane, with the 2nd being endgame for Lv 60s like Stillmoor and Shimmersand were
SECOND would be the last two zones of Dusken, with the 2nd being endgame for Lv 60s like Stillmoor and Shimmersand were)”

This sounds very solid, and possible.

RIFT’s Community Manager, Elrar, then hopped into the thread with a fun little update:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

I drew you a map!

You’ll have options :)

Click the image for a larger version. I like his thinking!

Seriously though, questing in RIFT could definitely use some complication in the way of multiple questing areas, creative quest lines, and alternative ways to level (this last one definitely seems ready to go for us for Storm Legion). Have at it, Trion. Make our leveling journeys just a little more complicated. Options are just what we need.

  • Eaker82

    I don’t think i’ll matter how many zones I have to go through just as long as the questing is set up right. For example if I come into a zone I should have a quest already to go to that zone then the quests will show me the zone and then lastly a quest to go to another zone once you are done with the quest line of the zone. The biggest thing that confuses and hiders people is when they don’t know where to go.

    • Miles Rout

      The real problem is when you want one of each class at 50, usually on one faction, and you have to go through Silverwood, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach four times!

      • Laura Hardgrave

        Yep, that’s my problem currently with alts. I hit Scarlet Gorge and even though I may love the character I’m leveling, I reach a stopping point because Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach, for me, aren’t that enjoyable the second and third time around.

        • Daniel Christensen

          However, it is almost inevitable having to go through the same first few zones in an MMO, considering how fast you race through these zones (especially on a second play-through), and how fast your level will rise above the zone’s level.It takes a vast amount of design, programming, animation, cooperation, lure writing etc. to make just one additional zone. I don’t really see that time paying off for a new zone in the levels below 35, as you will probably only spend a few hours there, and it only really favors those who level alternate characters after it’s release.If they made a new zone on level with either Moonshade or Droughtlands I’m certain the thrill and excitement of questing in the new zone at higher level is enough to drive many people through Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach. They could even encourage you to go to the new zone, if they made the level required to start in the zone 2 levels below what’s required for Droughtlands and Moonshade.

          • Miles Rout

            But they don’t need another zone at the same level as Droughtlands and Moonshade. They already have two: Droughtlands and Moonshade. Scarwood/Gorge is such a boring 10 levels, and another zone or two, even possibly a single one covering those 10 or some 5 within it (say a zone for level 28-33 or something, for those that overlevelled in Gloamwood/TheDefiantOne), would massively improve things IMO.

          • Eaker82

            Stonefield I think is the Gloamwood equal for defiants

        • Kait

          Scarlet Gorge would be a lot less of a headache if there was a port at both ends of the zone for both sides…

      • Eaker82

        Well yeah but that’s 4 times. One of the nice things about Rift is there is no need to have alt’itis like with WoW. You could go throught the same zones tons of times in WoW. I remember having a buddy that loved rolling new toons and I always hated him for it. With Rift you can only do that[I think] 6 times per server. Thats not bad at all. Bring a friend with you and it almost eliminates the grind feel.

  • Iferious

    I would just like to see some cool quest. So that seem to really involve the story line. That accually makes me feel like it was important to have done that. I would like to see some change quest that give great iteams, because as it stands your better off doing dungeons while lvling up. I just about vendored every item I go from a quest. I want new twist like you drink a potion and have to stand toe to toe with an elite boss that could no means be soloed with out the quest potion. Or how about a time hours race…. I mean I could come up with alot better quest the just go here and kill this or pick this up off the floor. Or how about a quest where I could pick a path and they where multipul out comes. Even some class pacific quest. Atunement quest to unlock certain raid zones.