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Storm Legion World Map – Compare Land Mass Size

By on Jun 8, 2012 at 2:44 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

This is the world map Simon referenced in the Live Chat yesterday at E3 2012. This is a work-in-progress map and not necessarily what will be represented in the game when STORM LEGION launches.

  • Jinseingc224

    Work in progress or not, it looks beautiful. I love the more drawn aspect of maps, not so much the overlay most Rift players have been used to. Many MMO’s use this style, even if this very picture is meant only to be a representative of what could be and not what it actually could become.
      In fact, the in game map system, as cool as it is, could have an option; show it as a drawn map such as this, or show an overland overlay, sort of like how Google maps gives you an option of a flat map or a satellite map. It would be a different representation of the same thing and people could pick and choose which map type they preferred. 

  • Daka

    So many more zones, I wonder if they will still have a puzzle and cairns in these zones. I just love those.

    • Jinseingc224

       My guess is yes. On the storm legion homepage it lists puzzles, so that’s one. And cairn’s wouldn’t be too hard either. Keeping my finger’s crossed…and I hope they make the puzzles more challenging!

      • Syced

        there will be, there was a QnA i read or maybe i saw a youtube video, but they did say there would going to be  new puzzles and cairns.