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Trion Worlds Licenses CloakWorks for Cloth Physics

By on Jun 14, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

Yesterday, a press release announced that Trion Worlds licensed CloakWorks’ Shroud technology, which will let the team spruce up their graphic shinies for Storm Legion. Specifically, those shiny cloaks we’re going to be getting our hands on. The technology will likely affect other areas of gameplay as well. This information is available on a Massively article, as well as on CloakWorks’ official site.

For those unfamiliar with Shroud technology, this video was released just today on CloaksWorks’ site. It’s a tech demo of a cowboy duster in action:

Here is a section of the article found on CloakWorks’ site:

“Ever since RIFT’s launch, one of the most requested visual features we get from our players is for capes. CloakWorks is the go-to source for this technology,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, “It was even easier to use than we had hoped and we’re very happy with the result.”

“RIFT features innovative gameplay and stunning art direction that make it stand out among MMO games,” said Joe van den Heuvel, founder and President of CloakWorks. “Shroud will help the team take its vision for Rift even further by giving adding new level of realism to its dramatic characters and environments.”

Read the full article here. Sounds promising!

  • Rift Raving Rogue

    .. so you use the 2011 tech demo .. when 2.1 video is available on their website 

    .. great journalism there 

    • Jinseingc224

       Old video, new video, same effect.
       If you look at the time stamp for the new video, it’s today, the 14th of June. When Laura visited their site it may have not been up yet and the point to get across is the technology, not a new spiffy demo.

    • Laura Hardgrave

       Yep, that wasn’t available when I wrote the article. Adding it in.

      • Rift Raving Rogue

        thank you for updating that +1 for being swift about it