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Video: Balder Temple Hard Mode – Sorc POV

By on Jun 18, 2012 at 3:09 pm, in Buzz, TERA  |  Comments: No comments yet

Forum user Obba posted a video on the official forums and some tips for Balder Temple HM. We found that this video was pretty helpful that we wanted to share it with all of our readers. Here are his tips:

  • 1st Boss, you need to be closer than 8m ALL THE TIME. Or you’ll die with random coconut throws like hour poor healer did T-T. So for long ranges, keep closer to the mob.
  • 2nd Boss(Green Kumas), nothing special. Just dodge the trees. Only one thing to aware of is when he uses blue firebreath. If hes using the firebreath, everyone use their stun/sleep. If you fail, hes gonna jump backward. And it goes through lancers block. They could die even with t12 +9.
  • 2nd Boss(Red Kumas), same. nothing special. 2 things to aware of. If msg comes out saying kumas gathering power blah blah. Everyone use stun/sleep. If you fail, kumas gets electric on his head. Then EVERYONE falls far back. Thats when the random targetting attack starts. Lancer stays and block tho. nothing to worry about for lancer.
  • 3rd Boss(Blue Kumas), Just need to dodge balls. Once you get locked, go into the middle and start walking towards any poles. If it locks on kumas, run towards opposite side where the kumas is. For emitter(Under 30%), dps and healer can stay near the middle and find the spot to dodge. Lancer tank at where i put the campfire.
  • Last Boss, nothing special. starts timer at 35%. Make sure lancer’s armor break goes in atleast once before the cannon. And DO NOT DIE!! If laser locks on you, get closer than 10m. Then just walk sideway. No need to jump or anything unless you are further than 10m.

Keep reading to watch the full video, you can’t miss this one! Leave comments here or the official forums if you have any questions.