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Expansion Raid Speculation – Storms or Death?

By on Jun 20, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

Trion’s announcement of their first expansion brought along a lot of exciting and grand changes. Of course, along with all the innovations such as Behemoth Colossi, Dimensions; Trion’s take on housing, the exciting new type of Hunt Rifts as well as cosmetics such as capes.

Naturally, Trion brings more of the same in their massive expansion. Two massive new zones, effectively tripling the land size they shipped with. New Souls for each calling and 10 more levels to enjoy them all the more. With these come some of the more standard things such as achievements, mounts, artifacts, pets, titles.

However, we can’t forget about our instanced Player vs Environment content. The new dungeons and raids coming out seem very interesting. We’ve seen a few in the E3 Demo, these were exactly the ones that were datamined before. Most likely since they were the most ready. If you look back a little further, along with the original Infernal Dawn datamining, we saw some concepts under the name of ‘Dream Hive’. Possibly this is a new dungeon we’ll be seeing in Storm Legion as well. Even though the name doesn’t appear to be very ‘stormy’ to me.

If you need a reminder for the demo, here’s a link:

Watch live video from riftgame on TwitchTV

Storm Legion so far

At any rate, so far we have the Golem Foundry and Empyrean Core as confirmed dungeons. These both seem to tap into the ‘old and mysterious powers we haven’t unearthed since the dawn of time’-theme. Obviously this is fine, we have two new continents, where one depicts the Cradle of Civilization, Brevane. One would almost be certain these dungeons would take place on Brevane. The other continent is Dusken, where Trion stated Regulos ‘landed’. All sorts of sick and twisted death-related creatures and structures would be situated on Dusken.

What is most interesting are the raids and their settings. The official Trion site states there will be three new raids to explore and conquer. An important note which can help us in our speculation is that in their first Storm Legion announcement if anyone can remember, they stated two raids instead of three. Remember the mystery box Trion sent? This one had only two pictures of raids in it, which depicted in-game raids. This could imply that Trion thought two simply wasn’t impressive enough, or they actually ‘split’ a raid into two parts. My hopes are obviously up for the former.

Slivers or Raids?

Let’s first look at the division between 20-man raids and 10-man raids. So far, we have 4 20-man raids and almost 4 10-man raids. The 10-mans are all slivers and what piques me is that Trion is keen to say ‘sliver’ rather ‘10-man raid’ to betitle their new instance. A naive reader would say that all three raids coming in the expansion will be 20-man raids. Doubtful, but if they are stating that there will be three 20-mans with some slivers just for fun, that definitely makes things exciting!

However, when turning to realism, one probably comes to a inbetween road where Trion would put out 2 20-man raids and 1 Sliver. The sliver can happen literally anywhere, no one could’ve ever predicted Rise of the Phoenix or Primeval Feast anywhere near as well as Hammerknell or Infernal Dawn.

Dragon Genocide

Another point to be made, in particular for the 20-man raids, is that all of them bar one have to do with the demise of a dragon. The only exception is River of Souls where players ultimately face off with Alsbeth. All the others involved the deaths of Greenscale, Akylios, Laethys and Maelforge.

Now if we look at the possibility of there being 2 20-man raids, as well as the fact that Crucia and Regulos are the ‘big baddies’ of the expansion, killing the both of them right when Storm Legion hits is quite questionable. The first idea of future raids before Storm Legion was launched was that they would end the dragon-storyline of Vanilla Rift and move on to something new like moving into the planes.

However, that idea is definitely shoven backwards, with that one would hope to see Trion keep Crucia for a while, unfold her story a bit more in a few patches. And let’s face it, we don’t really think Regulos is dying before Crucia, do we?

With that we are free to let our minds rage on with locations for the new raids. The size of the particular raids are up for debate another day (as big as possible of course!). However, one could reckon it’s safe to say there will be one raid per continent. That would even the options, one raid on Dusken and one on Brevane. To be frank, that just seems ‘logical’.

For the next section, we’ve hit a stop of what we can think of mostly. Possibly Volan falls into a hole after he breaks down the wall in the demo and you can jump down with him into the ‘Labyrinths of Antiquity’, making that into a raid.

In conclusion, going to go out on a limb here and tell you my speculation. Be sure to speculate with me in the comments below!

Ancient ruins, Storm Bastions or Traversing the Planes?

Seeing as we most likely have one raid in each continent, one would like to start thinking about Brevane, since we have seen the most of it. Brevane is the “cradle of civilization” as quoted by Trion. Logically, one would think the raid would follow the story started by the two dungeons we’ve seen in action. Another concept that fascinated me was the ‘genetic engineering gone wrong’ which was also shown in the demo(this was inside the so-called ‘Tower of Dawn’). This creates a fascinating theme to play with, some genetically engineered freak gone all wrong which was locked up beneath the earth to keep him under control makes a good big baddy!

Since it is highly likely that Trion does not want the forces of death and air to go easy on you, the next bet would go out to a air/death based raid, located in Dusken. Even though it probably is more air-themed due to Crucia’s main role in a expansion named after her cult, do not be suprised by a bit of death seeping in just like it did in Hammerknell. There is a fascinating piece of fan art that Trion put out which you can see the thumbnail of below. This image is titled Storm Fortress, which makes for an excellent name to our concept. Who would the big baddy of this place be? No clue. Quite possibly they’ll put Crucia in here, or just some random powerful creature that Crucia mind-controlled.  Let’s hope that this will be our second raid for Storm Legion, for it looks amazing!

As a final piece of speculation, there is ofcourse the Infinity Gate. The massive structure we have seen in the Storm Legion trailer. The potential for this place is truly boundless. Trion having depicted this as the gateway to the planes, this would make the Infinity Gate an excellent raid hub for anything. Since Crucia is the one who unlocked its secrets (shoot a massive bolt of lightning at it most likely), I would imagine the entrance to it would be infested with Storm Legion-related creatures. What lies inside no one can imagine. How does a gateway like that work? How do you pick which plane to go to? The possibilities are truly infinite.

There you have it, all the creativity is out of the machine for now. However, if you have any new ideas, any additions to current ones or perhaps some under-the-radar findings, be sure to post them below!

  • vaagen

    one interesting thing to think about is the fact that in the river of souls plutonus has said that several powerful souls have already been sorted but they were discarded and not 50 seconds after he finds zareph by the end of the chronicle zareph is captured (assumption) by alsbeth so possibly he was taken into somewhere that had a high death energy and corrupted? maybe a case like eliam where alsbeth let him exert himself to make eliam easier to corrupt

    could we be looking at a zareph fight in storm legion?

  • Sehair

    I think that brevane will have a Storm legion based raid, with all its lost technology and dusken the place where REGULOS LANDED will have a death based raid. I don’t know kind of makes sense to me.