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Highlights from Official RIFT 1.9 Live Stream

By on Jun 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

Yesterday, Trion staff members Elrar and Dahanese hosted the first episode of RIFT’s official live stream series. The replay for it can be seen on RIFT’s TwitchTV page. In the live stream, Elrar showed off some of the new additions coming in Patch 1.9 and the duo answered some questions from the community. It’s definitely worth a watch! And yes, before anyone asks– that’s Elrar’s character in the title image, along with his, uh, inventory choke-full of bacon. Yes, bacon.

Keep reading for some new bits of information we discovered!

Elrar first previewed the new Sliver, Primeval Feast, for us. He didn’t want to give away spoilers, so he quickly dived into Conquest instead, hopping right into a match that was already taking place on the PTS.

He quickly ended up with a fan club of PTS testers following him around like a convoy. He gave us some new information (or new confirmations, rather, about certain points) that has appeared in recent updates on the PTS. Here are some highlights:

  • After the winning team controls 60% of the map, a lockdown phase occurs where a colossi spawns. The losing team players can stay and try and sabotage the winning team, or even partake in the fight (this fight is currently being heavily tweaked).
  • There is currently no raid or group queue for Conquest. Players can solo queue only.
  • Conquest is cross server based on wargroups, so groups that join separately will be on the same team with the rest of their server, as long as they choose the same faction.
  • Time length? 1-2 hours. Size? Over 100 vs. 100. The balancing act between factions is still in development.
  • There’s currently no debuff for leaving Conquest. This may change.

After Conquest, some Instant Adventures in Silverwood took place. We learned one new point here:

  • Instant Adventures can’t be done cross faction. Defiants, for example, can’t queue up for Silverwood’s IAs.

Elrar then showed off some bits about Summerfest and the new Barbershop. Coming in 1.9 is a new wardrobe outfit obtained from new survival recipes that will become available. Elrar previewed the outfit for us, which kind of looks like a fancy Crocodile Dundee outfit. It’s shown to the left and consists of four pieces.

He then talked a bit about what to expect from the new currency changes coming in 1.9. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

  • All currencies will be moved to the currency tab.
  • The event items from major events in patches 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 which include the River of Souls, Gilded Prophecy, and Hammerknell events will all be removed in 1.9. Finish off buying that stuff now!
  • There will then be four permanent currencies granted during yearly annual events: Snow Flakes, Prize Tickets, Glass Beads, and both types of Summerfest currency.
  • In 1.9, event currency can be sent to alts using voucher tickets, a similar system to how sourcestones work now.

We also found out that Trion intends on hosting live streams on a regular basis in the future. The next live stream they have in the planning stages is going to be about Storm Legion. We don’t yet know of when this live stream is going to take place, but we will keep you updated when more information is available!