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Do Min/Maxers ruin games? Or do they help games like TERA?

By on Jun 22, 2012 at 9:30 am, in Buzz, TERA  |  Comments: 1 comment

In almost any game that has numbers and ways to get bigger numbers, you’ll always have people who will figure out the right combination of ways to get the best possible outcome. This type of thinking is always prevalent in MMORPGs because these games are all about getting better gear which leads to +1 gooder stats. TERA is no different when it comes to this. In a recent thread we have a user asking to normalize the critical chance bonus Castanics have as a racial.

For maximizing dmg, u have no choice but to make castanic , crit from behind is to much of a deal in this game to pass. Porblem is.. im sick of being these stupid horny scrawny flailing running nancies.

Normalize racials.. so atleast we have a choice as a dps.

As inarticulate as that may read, the OP has a point. Is it fair once race has an advantage when it comes to damage? Of course TERA would love for everyone to do racial changes if a player thought it made that much of a difference, but lets ignore that possibility for now.

There are other issues, different races have different reaches when it comes to melee. Some races can actually attack farther away that others! There are plenty of issues when it comes to hitboxes as well. Does this ruin your enjoyment of the game? Would min/maxers crying for equalization ruin TERA?

One user doesn’t think so:

Popori have it the worst out of everyone. They are basically just inferior elin. They don’t even gain a hitbox and animation advantage and they still retain the same racials (useless). Why make a popori over an elin if you’re serious about PVP? They really need at least one defining positive trait to separate them from elin, because right now they are just Elin with wider hitboxes and less advantageous animations.

And no, min-maxers don’t ruin games. Min-maxers cultivate solid, complex, competitive games. It’s casual gamers who ruin games. (and unfortunately, in this day and age, buy them)

However he does have some people who disagree:

No, really min maxxers ruin games, because you cannot see the forest for the trees. I’ve made this argument before, but if two sorcerors can both kill a mob with 4 attacks, does it really matter that one had that extra teeny tiny bit of damage? In most situations that teeny tiny bit of damage makes absolutely zero difference. You are talking the difference between a regular hardcore player, and a min maxxer. A regular hardcore picks their character based on what they’ve like, runs the game for 5 hours plus a day, and enchants things, but ignores the tiny bit of damage extra they get for being a Catanic. A min maxxer always rolls Castanic then makes 50 posts on the forums whining about how they dislike the look of them.

What do you think? Do min/maxers ruin games? Or should TERA start equalizing races, or at least discount race changes?

  • asillygoose

    humans have the most ridiculous racial for pvp with the reduced damage as passive.