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Settling in for the Next World Event: Summerfest

By on Jun 27, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 40 comments

Update 6/27: Updated for live event

Summerfest– RIFT’s next major world event is currently ripe and unleashed upon live servers! It’s due to last until July 25th. Summerfest is going to be another of our annual holidays, meaning we’ll see it return year after year, much like Fae Yule. MMO summer holidays are often the most fun to participate in because of all the seasonal goodies, tradeskills, and exploration they often encourage. Summerfest is no exception, and let me just say– this holiday has a high dose of creativity, offers some fun rewards, and is, in my opinion, Trion’s finest work as far as world events go.

There are a couple reasons why. First off, the event departs from the usual quest chains we’ve become accustomed to in world events. The event encourages exploration of Telara, and a whole lot of it in fact. The scavenger hunt quests encourage players to put on their thinking caps, think back to their leveling days, and explore every nook and cranny in each of the areas. On top of these quests, players can also hunt down new vanity pets in each of these same areas and fish at special nodes, kind of tripling the rewards for taking part in the exploration.

Trion’s goal here seems to be to encourage players to group up and search for scavenger clues and pets together. I’m not entirely sure that’s what we’ll see exactly, but Telara won’t be empty during the event. Players, I think, will definitely be more communicative than during some events. And for players who enjoy a riddle now and then, Summerfest offers some fun days to look forward to.

In light of all the different activities to enjoy, as well as the risk of shedding light on a few spoilers regarding the scavenger hunt, I’m going to break down the different Summerfest activities into sections. This guide only includes phase 1 and 2. I’ll discuss a few spoilers, but you can skim past that section if you wish. First, let’s delve into the easy stuff– rewards, city quests, and tradeskill dailies. No spoilers in this section!


Summerfest Basics

Our home cities, which are also experiencing some summer storms, will remain the central hubs to Summerfest. The multi-part scavenger hunt quests can be grabbed here, as well as other quests and dailies. There’s a unique currency, of course. Two in fact. Summerfest Merit Badges and Friendship Bracelets. Like the last couple events, the bracelets are used for some of the better rewards, and are obtainable through certain quests, like the main scavenger hunt chains. The merit badges are obtained through all the other quests. It may also be possible to randomly fish up both types of currency.

Most of the Summerfest NPCs are located in the impossible-to-miss hedge mazes. Yep, including daily quest NPCs. This means we’ll probably get pretty good at navigating the maze after a few days. If you’re having trouble finding your way through, pan back the camera until you’re looking at it from above, and turn on NPC nameplates. The nameplates actually come in handy during multiple parts of this event, I found.

Here is Warbs‘ take on Summerfest, with some early-PTS impressions (phase 1), and some explanations of many of the food items:

There are a couple vendors in the maze. One offers some unique summer food items (including snow cones!) and a new survival recipe that’s used in a Summerfest survival daily quest. There’s also a daily to fish Summer Sunplant in special event-only fishing nodes across Telara, as well as a daily to craft fishing lures. Summer Sunplant nodes pop up currently on the map as dragon pinatas, though I imagine the graphic will be something different by the time the event reaches live servers.

Outside the main cities as well as inside the hedge mazes is a daily quest to smash bugs outside of the main cities. There are some awfully big bugs around Telara. They’re squashed the same way balloons from the Carnival were popped. There is also a new bonus quest series for players who have participated in RIFT’s Ascend-a-Friend feature. If you have Courage, the corgi, you can take part in a dog show in Sanctum/Meridian that’s only obtainable if you have the pet. The Fae Yule corgis unfortunately don’t count. It’s hard to miss the adorable little packs of corgis running around.

There is also a second part in place for owners of the Swift Ember Steed. That part takes place in Argent Glade and Freemarch, and is only obtainable if you have the mount. A total of up to three extra Friendship Bracelets can be obtained from these Ascend-a-Friend quests, plus some daily badges.

Now, as to the actual Summerfest Merit Badge and Friendship Bracelet NPC. The rewards for Summerfest are pretty decent, in my opinion. There are some titles to choose from, an assortment of blue and epic weapons, planar essences with life resist (and some actual tank essences from the looks of it), an appearance-altering gem and weapon oil, a BoA Aelfwar wardrobe outfit made of 6 pieces (shown below– click to enlarge), and two BoA wardrobe hats, including the iconic hat from the epic life quest chain and the Endless Marauder’s Helm (shown below– top left corner).

There are also some fun items to purchase, including a Shamble Stick, a Random Companion Adoption Box that grants the player with a random Summerfest companion, a Jar of Fireflies that produces a very subtle glow of fireflies around the player for five minutes and is reusable, and an extra vanity pet, Twiddle, who is a miniature Mordant. He’s pictured above next to my wardrobe-decked high elf, and is basically a giant ant (what is it with Trion and bugs?). There are some new items since the PTS, as well.

And as always, there are some fun achievements to grab. On to the scavenger hunts! There will be spoilers in this next section.


Summerfest Scavenger Hunt

And here we have the best part of Summerfest, in my opinion. I love scavenger hunts, but they’re sometimes pretty dicey in modern games. Between guided arrows pointing the way to quest completion and hints embedded in lore that can sometimes be too difficult to find, games often either make them too easy or too challenging. Trion got the difficulty mix right, I believe. Players are rewarded for remembering information they learned while leveling and questing, and also for, well, running around a lot.

There are two sets of scavenger hunts, one for lower levels, one for higher. Both have multiple parts, one for each phase of Summerfest. Each area has its own quest, and upon journeying to that area with the quest tracked, you’ll find out where the quest NPC’s location is by traveling to the spot on your map. After traveling to the NPC, also known as the Scavenger Task Master, and grabbing their quest, all map tracking stops.

Yes, players must read the quest, figure out what the NPC wants them to do, and do it. For some quests, this means solving a riddle and traveling to the riddle’s location. For others, it means finding a certain amount of randomly-spawning objects across the map. Upon successful completion of the quest, the quest will automatically end, the reward popping up on-screen.

Now, a bit more on these randomly-spawning objects. Trion seems to be toying with a new mechanic here, and it shows up quite often in these quests. Let’s say, for instance, you’re looking for a special tree. That tree won’t have one set location. Instead, there will be a number of different spawns across the map for that tree, and those spawns will fade in and out of existence at varying intervals. Usually when one disappears, another reappears somewhere else.

This means that searching for objectives can be extremely random at times. I’m not going to be able to give out exact locations for many of the objectives. I may tell you about one spawn point, but there’s never any guarantee that something will be there. The end result? Some of this is kind of time consuming. But it’s enjoyable, as long as you’re the type who likes a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt every now and then.

One more note. You can work on more than one part at once. You must turn in the first part to grab the next main quest, the one with the bracelet reward, but you can do the individual parts whenever you run across the Task Masters around Telara. If you complete them in the field, whenever you do grab that main part, you’ll find you have credit for that part already. It’s a little more difficult to complete them this way, since you’ll need to discover the Task Masters’ locations on your own, but some are quite easy to find.

Let’s begin. Spoilers ahead!


Little Scavenger Hunt Part 1:

Freemarch: Task Master at [6456, 4633]

    • Find and kiss Jakub the Morose

He’s in a cave in the east part of The Iron Fortress [7041, 5340]. Toss him a /kiss.

Silverwood: Task Master at [6652, 2830]

    • Find and hug Hylas somewhere in Silverwood

He’s in Hedgerow Court, in the very back at [6593, 2478]. Toss him a /hug.

Stonefield: Task Master at [4535, 5070]

    • Find Troll Treasure in Stonefield

In Temblor Hills, behind the troll hut at the top of the hill at [5585, 4670].

Gloamwood: Task Master at [4076, 2767]

    • Find the Tree of Wisdom in Gloamwood

This one can be a pain (at least currently on the PTS). Has multiple spawns that phase in/out. I found one in Standing Stones at [4947, 2653].

Scarlet Gorge: Task Master is way up top, by the spiders at [3762, 2685]

    • Jump through glowing rings along the falls (0/10)

Just jump down, go through loops– pretty fun, and won’t get you killed since you land in water.


The Little Scavenger Hunt Part 2:

Freemarch: Task Master at [6624, 4241]

    • Catch 5 Normal-Eyed Guppies
    • Catch 2 Deep March Eels

Fish in Freemarch. Guppies can be found in shallow water, Eels in deep water.

Silverwood: Task Master is just below Argent Glade

    • Capture a Confused Spirit Guide in Wayward Thicket

Found in the eastern area of Wayward Thicket, though it probably wanders.


Stonefield: Task Master at [5183, 4908]

    • Find the unmarked graves Greer Hontz mentioned, and survive the night

Go down inside the cave behind the church in The Harrow– behind a purple effect-covered gate. Eventually you’ll get a buff that lasts three minutes. Stay for the duration.

Gloamwood: Task Master at [5721, 3630]

    • Delouse 6 Itchy Werewolves

They’re in the Mathosian Mill area.

Scarlet Gorge: Task Master at [4415, 3340]

    • Find Gold Samples in Scarlet Gorge 0/10

Look for Unexplored Seams, pictured to the right. They can pop up everywhere, and only have a chance of containing the item needed.


The Great Scavenger Hunt Part 1:

Scarwood Reach: Task Master at [3471, 3890]

    • Plant trees in Scarwood Reach (0/5)

These spawns randomly appear and disappear. They’re within circles of five mushrooms.

Moonshade Highlands: Task Master at 6552, 1585]

    • Swim through all the markers in Kelpmere and Acrid Basin without coming up for air

Be careful about coming too close to the surface when swimming through some of the marks. Also, grab a water-breathing potion!

Droughtlands: Task Master at [7464, 6219]

    • Seek out something underground, squirming, and near flame in Droughtlands

Head to around [8296, 7197] in Mordant Warren– the cave where all the ants and creepy larvae are.


Iron Pine Peak: Task Master at [3794, 1862]

    • Find the missing mountaineer

He’s around [3364, 1441], left of Howling Hills, up a hill coated in helpful little torches. Map shown to the right.

Shimmersand: Task Master is in Iron Pine Peak, near Chancel of Labors at [4502, 1695]

    • Deliver Ice Cream in Shimmersand

Bring it to [7709, 7622]. Yep, all the way to the very south-eastern tip of Shimmersand, through the piles of mobs.

Stillmoor: Task Master is at [2286, 3025]

    • Take a lap around Stillmoor

This is the only quest, I think, that offers quest markers on the map. Follow the marks.


The Great Scavenger Hunt Part 2:

Scarwood Reach: Task Master at [3377, 3886]

    • Train a harpy to kill snakes 0/15

Go under the huge stumps around Scarwood to find the snakes.


Moonshade Highlands: Task Master at [6308, 1655]

    • Slap 10 Foul Mouthed Fae

They’re all over the map, and very random. Here’s where showing nameplates helped me– the green nameplates stick out among all the red ones. Shown to the right.

Droughtlands: Task Master at [7167, 5932], under the bridge to Freemarch

    • Discover 5 good dig sites for Clinton the Brewer

These are in the tar pits at Harlan’s Lament. In the very center of the pits are small bones, similar to the artifacts found in this area. They appear/disappear quite a bit.

Shimmersand: Task Master at [6624, 7137] in Fortune’s Shore

    • Collect treasures along the beaches of Shimmersand 0/25

Use the wide-ranged ‘Search for treasure’ ability.

Iron Pine Peak: Task Master at [4502, 1651]

    • Find the Book of Riddles hidden in the Chancel of Labors

If you’re familiar with the Find Your Own Truth daily in IPP, this one should be pretty easy. Go to the cave behind Chancel of Labors, grab one of the 2-minute crystals (others may work as well), use it on the pedestal, then step through the portal.

Stillmoor: Task Master in Endless Watch at [2636, 2447]

    • Complete and turn in the Summerfest Campout Collection

Sparklies! I’m so happy Trion used that word in a quest about artifacts. In the graveyard below Burlingham, collect the three artifacts, then turn in the set back in town.


Summerfest Companions

Remember those rumors flying around a while ago about Trion adding trapping as a new tradeskill to RIFT? Well, the idea never took off, but they did decide to toss us a taste of it for these new, Summerfest-only companions. Each area of Telara that has a scavenger hunt quest associated with it has a new companion that can be trapped, tamed, and cuddled (except for the spider, unless you’re into that sort of thing…). These critters appear and disappear randomly at many points on each of the maps, similar to how many of the scavenger quest objectives work.

Buff and bunny

How do you know you’ve come across one? Look to the left. The buff icon on the left will appear in your “usable quest items” frame. This is the ability you use to trap the critter, and it only shows up if you’re close to one. It’s also possible to spot the actual animal. Their nameplates show up as green, and from a distance, they sometimes have a special glow.

After spotting the critter, target it, run up to it, and use the trapping ability. Targeting macros (/tar Name) work well here, because it’s sometimes hard to spot them, even after seeing the buff on your screen. After successfully trapping it, you’ll get a loot window, and can claim the critter for your very own collection. The vanity pets are soulbound.

Each area has their own special critter. Ready for some more spoilers? Here’s a list, along with some of the possible locations for spotting them (again, no guarantee they will be there; this is simply where I found some of them):

Freemarch: Spotted Snake
Silverwood: Black Bunny (below Argent Glade – [6230, 3301], another in Wayward Thicket)
Stonefield: Brown Rat (Towering Steppes – [4589, 5076])
Gloamwood: Tamed Deepfang Hatchling (Millrush Pond – [4181, 2763])
Scarlet Gorge: Scoots (Riverfell – [3804, 2923])
Scarwood Reach: Black Coyote (Kain’s Command – [3155, 3910])
Moonshade Highlands: Tabby Cat
Droughtlands: Mini Mordant
Iron Pine Peaks: White Squirrel
Shimmersand: Green Cobra
Stillmoor: Jewel Scarab

Pictured above are images of the Black Coyote, Tamed Deepfang Hatchling, Brown Rat, and Black Bunny.

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting reasons to travel across Telara this summer. Enjoy the summer, and enjoy Summerfest. If I missed anything important, let me know in the comments section!

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Looks like pretty much the perfect time, over the summer, to get zone and planar achievements, work on Ultimate Hunter, and search for artifacts. I hope people take advantage of this world event for that :).

    I imagine 1.10 will be…rather large though, so I’m glad 1.9 can have us just.. settle in entirely on Telara.

    • Marko

       With this influx of companions, I’ll get my Zoo Keeper achieve easily!

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    But the corgi and steed stuff is total crap. Total. I even have the corgi but I am sorely tempted to just avoid even doing the quest in protest. First strongly condemnable move I’ve seen by Trion and if this goes live, I’m unsubbing. I’m on for another several months so its no big deal, but I need to do something.

    • Laura Hardgrave

       Yeah, I don’t like it either. In fact, I can’t recall anyone who really *does*, which tells me they’ll hopefully change it, hah.

      • Shamusoriley

        Yeah it’s such a terrible idea to reward people that payed you more with anything ever. I also hate when people say thank you. 

  • Iferious

    I wont be doing this lol. I really could care less what pet people have or mounts. Unless there is faster then mine lol. I like they they put this kinda of stuff in the game….. but I wish they would make the rewards where some one trying to gear up might accually want something they have.

    • Marko

       The most expensive Life Lesser Essences are in fact BiS for many classes.
      They are a very slight upgrade to the Fire Lesser Essences from the previous world event, which were at that time BiS as well for most classes.

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  • Mallina Labor

    let’s see… BiS Life lessers from this event… 10 man progression Life instance coming out… yep there is absolutely no reason to take part in Summerfest at all… oh oh I know! you shouldn’t have to do a Life lesser cause it is a waste of your time right?

  • Kahalida

    does anyone know where you get the Quest and where to find the Warewolves for achievement Flea Bitten Menace

    • Laura Hardgrave

      The Task Master for that one is at [5721, 3630] in Gloamwood. The wolves are in the Mathosian Mill area.

      • Khalician

        Does anyone know when this quest giver shows up at this location? Could it be a phase 2 quest?

        • Laura Hardgrave

          Yeah, it is.

  • Elizabethe
  • yoman

    have any of you found the freemarch snake

  • Mockingjay

    @yoman Haven’t seen the snake.
    Anyone get a chance to “Trap” any companions yet? How do you go about it?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      I caught a bunch on the PTS, haven’t on live yet, but I haven’t gotten far in the scavenger hunt on live yet, either (I uh, blame Conquest, yeah…). It’s very random, you just kind of run across them as you run around. You’ll notice them because of the item ability that’ll appear on your screen (for a better description, check the guide above). A targeting macro isn’t a bad idea either. If you’re on a high pop server, I’d almost suggest waiting until an off-peak time to look. That’s what I’ll be trying this week.

    • Stormbow

      I’ve seen a few and caught a few. They have green names, passive mobs, and they do move kind of fast. There will be a net icon that appears on your screen in parenthesis: ( net here ). You have to target the mob (you can even use /target Mob’sName (example for Scarlet Gorge: /tar Scoots)) and then get close and click the net icon. The mobs appear to last for 60 seconds after they are first captured, so multiple people nearby can capture them also. (I’ve caught Twiddle, the ant of Droughtlands, which is the same exact pet you can buy from the Summerfest merchant, 3 times in 1 finding with my mage.)

  • yoman

    @disqus_oHRuFrpwu6:disqus i havent cought one but one of my gildies has cought acuple they are very small and very fast is what she says

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  • Stormbow

    Scavenger Hunt 2 > Moonshade: Bogling location #1: 6848, 1313

    • Stormbow

      Respawned in about 5 minutes.

      • Laura Hardgrave

        Thanks for sharing!

    • Stormbow

      Scavenger Hunt 2 > Moonshade: Bogling location #2: 6618,1488

    • Stormbow

      Scavenger Hunt 2 > Moonshade: Bogling location #3: 6445,2039

  • Stormbow

    Locate the Book of Riddles (better guide):

  • Stormbow

    Stillmoor Sparklies is at 2364,2311. The other 2 are literally all over the place at the graves SW of it.

    • Stormbow

      Woops, Bedroll is @ 2364,2311.

  • Randeth Corinth

    For Moonshade Highlands Part 2 I found a Bogling at 6850,1315 that respawned almost as fast as my Quest Power. I just stood in the path and got all 10.

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  • Guest

    Spent a good 2 hours wondering around looking for the toxic soil for the Eastern Holdings challenge “A Simple Bean” from part one of the Brevane scavenger hunt.

    Had almost concluded that the quest was broken or didnt launch with the event properly when I found a thread of equally frustrated people in my position online. One had coords: 8033,8447 and a picture of what I was looking for.

    Went to the provided location and sure enough, there was the toxic pile of dirt I had been dreaming of. Coords in this article took me to nothing every time I went back there. Coincidence? Idk. But I am too glad to be done with this step…

    Hope this saves someone else out there from the agonizing nightmare that I and so many others have endured in tracking down a pile of dirt in a forest. Hardy-har-har, Trion.

  • Cynders

    3355 2437 Iron Pine Peaks – White Squirrel

  • Stormbow

    I just saw the Tamed Deepone Hatchliing’s temporary ability (used to catch it) while at Standing Stones in Gloamwood. I didn’t know it’s name or see it, but the ability popped up, so it can spawn around there somewhere too.

  • Lumpyloaf

    This is guide was written last year it seems. May have different coords this year?

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  • Raeniel

    So far I’ve noticed coords are the same, at least for the old world hunts. The Scarlet Gorge Little Hunt 2 guide is a bit optimistic. I get at least 5 junk spawns for each actual quest item and with respawns being so slow or spawns just being hard to locate, this quest takes FOREVER!! Hated it last year, hate it again this year. :(

    • Leppa

      I had the same problem … but it seems that they only spawn in mines and not random true scarlet gorge.. but keep trying these mines and youll be ok (3656,2760) with the spiders in it, try the way up to the foul cascade instance true the mines, (3919,2729) the little mine, (4785,4197) in the mine there and randomly in ironroot draw, and the last one is at the end of the river (4353,4889) .. took me 3 hours to find the places but i got them ,, but if i knew this i would be done in a hour or less cause i was just running around true scarlet gorge hoping they randomly spawn xD Hopefully it helps

    • Silir

      I alternate between the two top mines (spider and survivors), and just hop between them. There are always 1 or 2 nodes.

      Was done within an hour.

      Previously I was wandering all over the map that was pointless.