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Hello, Conquest Cooldown

By on Jun 28, 2012 at 10:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

While testing Conquest on the PTS, Conquest had no cooldown. Yesterday, there was one. A rather large one. Around two hours in most cases. The cooldown isn’t a queue in most cases, but an actual cooldown between Conquest matches. In other words, Conquest is on a schedule that varies. Since only one match can take place per War Group at a time, this cooldown is basically Trion’s way of ensuring a large number of players begin Conquest at the same time, and that the matches are very full. Some good intentions perhaps, but two-hour waits during peak times has many players perplexed and disappointed.

So, why is the wait so long? Daglar posted a series of responses in one forum thread that pretty much explains the intent here. Keep reading to check out his responses and find out what some players are thinking about this cooldown.

Daglar’s replies, in order of appearance as they were posted throughout the day yesterday:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

The amount of time between Conquest matches is based upon the time of day for the servers that it is hosted on. Right now we are in a slower spawn time period. It will go faster later this afternoon/evening.

According to this, when server populations are low, the cooldown should be longer than when servers are at their peak populations. Unfortunately, population numbers didn’t seem to make that much of a difference. The wait for most players seemed to be between two hours and even spiking at more than three. It’s possible that the system may just need tweaking, however.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

We will keep an eye on these things and tweak and hotfix.

People here in the office are already wanting to play the next matches.
The attrition amount in live is also a bit low – we’ll be increasing that with a future hotfix as well.

The attrition amount did seem off according to most players. It was difficult to test on the PTS, so a hotfix seems ideal. Players were also concerned about the three-faction balance of Conquest, but Daglar assured us in this response that, so far, their balance system seems to be working.

That’s all well and good, but players are still disappointed about the cooldown. Back to that:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I’m sorry that you are upset with the timing during non-peak hours.

The reason this was put in this way is that Conquest to be enjoyable, typically requires a large group of people. During non-peak hours we do not want to have it spinning up too often.

We’ll keep watching how things play out – as we always do, and make changes where they make sense.

A few players stated that the Conquest timer needs some sort of server-wide announcement, notice, or even some sort of consistency. Otherwise, how will players know if Conquest is about to begin unless they log in?

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

There is intended to be a broadcast to all servers when a Conquest starts. That will be added in a future hotfix.

Good. That’s a start. Some sort of broadcast on the RIFT mobile apps would be nice, as well, which was also suggested by players. Or the cooldown could be shortened considerably. I think that would make the most amount of players happy. Two hours just seems excessive. Here are some community opinions:

“The largest problem is that it sets PvP, and Rift as a whole, on a schedule. PvP rifts and warfronts are available for players at nearly all times – they either arrive at the rift location or queue up for a warfront. There is never a feeling of scheduling beyond what players may set for themselves. In fact, with the exception of major invasions – which are tied to player populations – nearly all of Rift can be enjoyed and played at any time of the day. Dungeons and raids may need to be reset, but you still are able to do them whenever you’d like within a particular time period.”

“They decided to have a cooldown so that each Conquest is just chock full of an insane number of people. So basically instead of having a timed queue waiting for X number of people to be on like Port Scion, they just added a cooldown. Stupid idea, I agree.”

“I get the concept. If people just sorta trickle in one side (usually the “good guy” faction) will get completely steam rolled. In zergfest PvP which is really what conquests are, you need strength in numbers so you need some sort of gateway to funnel as many people in at once as possible.”

All very excellent points. RIFT is extremely accessible on the instantaneous level, and players can pop on and immediately get into an expert run, warfront, chronicle, or IA group. This Conquest cooldown seems quite… the opposite of instantaneous. It’ll be interesting to see what Trion decides to do with it.