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Conquest – Base Turret Upgrades Next on Trion’s List?

By on Jul 2, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

Trion’s quest to deliver Conquest in all its intended glory is still blazing strong, it seems. Now that the feature is more stable and most of the crashes have stopped, many players are still, for the most part, unhappy– and for good reason. Conquest has had its rewards tweaked multiple times now, but for many players, the matches remain a farm-fest, where Dominion and Oathsworn gang up on Nightfall, and the vast map of Stillmoor narrows in on one base and some very large, lag-filled piles of bodies.

Working as intended? Not really. This much is evident when looking at some of the interviews from pre-1.9. The company has worked off-hours this weekend in order to fix the stability problems, which is definitely appreciated. Not all players and shards are experiencing the woes described above, but for those that are– Trion would do well to offer up a solution or two. And they are currently in the process of that.

Yesterday we caught a glimpse of Trion’s plans for the next step from Senior Systems Designer, Archonix, who posted in this thread full of disappointed players.

Here is what he said:

Originally posted by Archonix (Source)

I feel your frustration (I had my fair share of being camped all through the night).

The changes we made to get Conquest back online last night were only focused on stability and minimizing map crashes, as well as adjustments to the rewards based on the behavior we were seeing with camping.

No base or turret upgrades have gone live yet. We’re back to focusing on those today.

This was posted on a Sunday, so with any luck, we’ll be seeing more news on these turrets today.

  • Daphyd Waytch

    Hopefully, as implied in the above quote, they’ll massively buff the spawnpoint defenses, making it impossible for enemy players to camp those points. I’m not sure they really have to do a lot more, as the the rest looks pretty good to me.

  • Randeth Corinth

    After playing several rounds over the weekend I think the single best way to fix Conquest is to make the Faction distribution random. When you queue you don’t know who you will be until it pops, and you will be that same faction for the whole fight.

    Some other stuff needs tweaks but faction balance will go a long way toward fixing it.

    For some reason I can’t log into the official forums, it always sends me to the Registration page even when I am logged into the main site. So this comments gets posted here. :)

    • Laura Hardgrave

      I was thinking that may help too. The way it is now, Nightfall is globally the “loser” faction, so everyone who joins late and doesn’t want to queue gets stuck in it, which isn’t doing anything to help the camping issue.

  • GJ

    I don’t really like some of the “this is a failure, scrap it!” type of comments. It sounds like it’s far from perfect, but it seems like it still has a lot of promise. I suppose its real problems would have not been very evident until they were on live servers being played by many more people.

    • Nadili

      I think a nice solution would be make extractors the main attraction have them give the most prestige/favor to make them more appealing. Encourage people to play the map instead of farming.