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Calling All Summerfest Pet Collectors

By on Jul 10, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

For all of us who enjoy collecting pets, Summerfest has been an interesting– and hopefully fun– experience. The sheer randomness of attempting to catch the critters that scurry around Telara can be a little frustrating, especially when we don’t know the exact mechanics behind the spawns. Don’t get me wrong– the mechanic itself is a very enjoyable one, but it’s good that Summerfest is going to be an annual holiday, because getting every single pet this time around might be a little difficult. But challenge is good, right?

In my Summerfest guide, I posted a list of the pets, including coordinates for the locations I was aware of during PTS testing. A couple other players did the same. One smart player finally consolidated those lists and plotted the points out on a map, so players who are attempting to farm out the pets can quickly grab a visual of good locations to try.

Here is the map, originally created by TehFrank on the official forums (click to enlarge– it’s rather huge!):

Also, here is a refresher list of all the pets, along with my coordinates and coordinates from the players who shared their findings in this thread. It seems that the pets do like to wander, so the coordinates may vary considerably. There may also be more locations than listed here. Additional locations may also be on the above map.

Freemarch: Spotted Snake (Kindra’s Thicket – [6568, 4758], Lakeside Outpost)
Silverwood: Black Bunny (below Argent Glade – [6230, 3301], Wayward Thicket)
Stonefield: Brown Rat (Towering Steppes – [4589, 5076], Dreadbone Shelf – [5212, 5170])
Gloamwood: Tamed Deepfang Hatchling (Millrush Pond – [4181, 2763], East Deepwood Trail – [4925, 2879])
Scarlet Gorge: Scoots (Riverfell – [3804, 2923])
Scarwood Reach: Black Coyote (Kain’s Command – [3155, 3910], [4156, 4676], Granitewood Hunt – [3310, 4023])
Moonshade Highlands: Tabby Cat (Blightweald – [5672, 1799])
Droughtlands: Mini Mordant (Trapper’s Rest – [7202, 6008])
Iron Pine Peaks: White Squirrel (above Whitefall – [3808, 1675], below Cloudbourne Tarn – [4373, 1944], Frost Falls – [4205, 2009])
Shimmersand: Green Cobra (The Oasis – [6960, 7278], Tempest Plains – [7002, 6896])
Stillmoor: Jewel Scarab (Ravenna – [2153, 2312], Ruston – [1630, 2912], Death’s Approach – [1553, 3030])

For updates (or to provide updates!), make sure and check this thread. Special thanks to them for sharing their findings with the community!

And finally, some tips for all of the pet hunters out there:

  • Multiple players can grab the pets while they’re up, so when in doubt, grab some friends.
  • The spawn timers seem to be somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, but are very random. My personal theory is that they pop up in one place, and when found, will pop up in another spawn location when that timer is up. The locations vary. This would account for the extreme randomness.
  • Target macros (/tar Name) do seem to help, but need to be used quickly when the trap icon appears.
  • The purchasable Summerfest companion boxes contain all of the critters, but they’re random, and you can, unfortunately, get duplicates.
  • As mentioned above, the pets do like to wander, so keep an eye out, and ride around the general area.
  • The Mini Mordant and Twiddle (from the Summerfest vendor) are actually the same exact pet. That’s one easy pet to cross off the list!

Happy hunting!

  • Joseph Pianta

    Thanks for this, I found the brown rat tonight on a random jaunt through Stonefield. It is right where they say it was.

  • Tony Jacobs


    One thing I’m curious about — there’s a 500 badge trade for a “random companion” at the festival vendors. Does it give you one of these or are they different?

    • Daedryn

      The Random Companion Box contains only Summerfest pets so have at. Keep in mind you can get duplicates and they’re bind on pickup (so no giving those extra to alts).

      • Tony Jacobs


      • Oliver Sarmy

        as long as you don’t “learn” it, you can send it to your alts

  • axlid

    also bards has skill that called “motif of encouragement”
    that skill force up to 5 nearby critters to follow
    the player who did this skill for 5seconds
    well… this skill also work on that critters!(tried to make the snake to flowe me and moved him to meridian for
    5 seconds lol ^_^