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Storm Legion Developer Diary Video Released

By on Aug 10, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

Yesterday, Gamespot released Trion’s Storm Legion Developer Diary video to the public. This video will probably be announced by Trion today at some point, along with our exciting Mage soul reveal during the official live stream, but until then, feast your eyes on this very awesome glimpse into Storm Legion.

Keep reading to watch the video and see our highlights and commentary.

Throughout the video, various RIFT developers have some words to share, including Hal Hanlin (Design Producer), Brian Clarke (Associate Development Director), Simon Ffinch (Design Director), Nicholas McDowell (Lore Lead), and Adam Gershowitz (Senior Producer). A few of Storm Legion’s dungeon interiors are showcased, as well as some of the design concepts for the new outdoor areas. Crucia is shown in greater detail, and we even see a cinematic of the Infinity Gate.

Most of the enemies shown have a model stye that mirrors the technology-influenced fantasy artwork of most of the concept art seen so far. It’s a very steampunk-like style, full of gears and industrial tones that blend quite starkly with the vibrantly detailed areas that Trion’s design department excels at. All-in-all, Storm Legion looks fantastic.

Now, for some interesting stuff. At around 1:36 in the video, we’re able to briefly see all four new souls in action. In the title image of this article, the four souls are lined up (from left to right– Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Cleric). Most of the characters seem to be casting a self-buff, which can be seen better in this screenshot:

The Rogue casts something that has a green glow to it, almost resembling a spell from the life plane. The soul seems to be melee since we see dual weapons equipped (melee support-oriented, perhaps?). The Warrior disappears in the flash of a purple storm. Yep, that’s a big reveal there, and one that many of us didn’t see coming. Here’s the big question– is that a stealth/vanish ability, or is that a teleport? Either way, it looks like the new soul will have some added mobility!

The Mage casts an instant buff of some type and hefts his two-handed weapon that looks very much like a sword. Rumors have been predicting the two-hander for a couple days now. The Cleric, well, unfortunately doesn’t give much away. We can tell he’s using a neat-looking staff and casts an instant ability that almost has a death magic-like appearance. This would fit for the rumors of the Cleric soul being an additional ranged DPS spec, however.

There’s one other very cool reveal in this dev diary video which is shown below– a mount! At around 2:17, we catch a glimpse of a mount model being edited on a computer screen. It looks like some type of gliding bird creature, which makes a whole lot of sense for an expansion focused on the air plane. The mount’s reigns and seat are clearly visible.

Players in this speculation thread assumed it was a flying mount at first, until Elrar popped in and gave us a hint:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

You guys found it before I did. :D

And no, it’s not a flying mount – but Khelendross’ original assumption might be on the right track ;)

Forum member Khelendross went on to edit their original post, but this was the part Elrar referred to specifically:

“The other possibility is that its a mount that hovers but doesn’t actually fly. They won’t do flying mounts in this game, it would completely nullify the point of the zone puzzles and cairns.”

Bingo! Sounds like we’ll be able to hover above the ground and glide in this mount, but not actually fly and gain altitude. Players are also speculating that this mount will be Storm Legion’s Collector’s Edition mount.

  • GJ

    Hey, as long as this mount can go over water I’d be happy.

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    It sounds pretty correct that they’ll add hovering mounts instead of flying mounts.

    If I’m correct that a 2nd expansion will involve entering at least some of the planes themselves, THEN they may add flying, Outlands style, but hopefully better implemented.

    But to add flying to the current Rift world makes no sense and trivializes content.

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