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Gamescom 2012: Player Housing in RIFT

By on Aug 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 12 comments

Dimensions, Rift’s version of housing, were announced at GamesCom 2012 during the Storm Legion presentation. This is the video of the presentation and things may change by the time the expansion gets released.

  • Lokase

    God help us…Trion amazes once again.

  • Ryan Reed

    Word, looking forward to seeing how it works on live

  • Tony Jacobs

    Looks awesome. I’m a mainly LOTRO player and I’m always scared developers will use a similar, awful hook-based system. But it looks like you can put stuff almost anywhere, which is great.

    I hope they give us reasons to be in our house and ways and reasons to invite others to our homes. That’s always the downfall to me.

    • Sinclair

      this! Having a house is NOT just simply “let me have this random, solo, room in the world where I can decorate it. (though likely some do like that). The majority would much prefer to have a house in the world that others player see as they ride by! Not some island out in the middle of nowhere but next to the major cities, in the mountains around them. ie, in the actual WORLD. I realize it’s a far larger dev effort but if you are going to do this, do it RIGHT. Archeage is RIGHT around the corner. Look at it and then tell me you want to be left with this instanced housing. Make it right and you create a solid hook. Make it wrong and you give people a FOTM to play around with while waiting for something else to do.

  • Samuel Serafim

    This is very nice, but i think housing system should be imersive stuff, or else this stuff will be ignored by lot of players.

    • James

      Exactly! Immersive= deeply involve. Not just yourself and a few friends, but the world. If I want to play by myself and have my own house and sit in my house alone, there are many games for that.
      This should be a plot of land, you buy a deed, you put the house you want, you get vendors and your stuff can stay there while you pay for it and make this immersive! Houses need to be more than showpieces or weekend time wasters. They need to be part of the world. Guilds should buy plots together or buy a castle. Make this cool, make this FUN! You have a lot of competition coming, make the right choice!

  • Venom

    While I applaud their efforts and some of this looks very cool, I think they are missing the underlying psychological fulfillment players are looking for with housing. My first ‘house’ was in Ultima Online, where your house is indeed part of the landscape. You could hide in it to avoid PKs, battles occurred around it, you could create player cities, guilds and players could attack keeps (though on the structure, rather players that ventured out of them). DAOC had “instanced” housing and it didn’t take off. The reason is simple- that it just wasn’t fun to hang out in them- it wasn’t part of “the game”. They only served an initial “oh cool” feeling, maybe an occassional “come check out what I made”, but you didn’t actually “play” the game in the housing area. While it was likely less strain on development and the servers, I think it’s better to spend the extra time and provide players with the immersiveness they unknowingly seek. If 100 people can “own” the same property, just different instances, you would not feel connected to the game the same way you would in UO or SWG. You ultimately want to build something, have a plot of land or city that is yours. You want merchants outside of your house. Speaking of which, perhaps instead of the AH system, go back to the UO system of merchants in these instances, giving players a REASON venture around the world going into houses versus a silly achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Rift or I wouldn’t be writing any of this. But I’ve spend most of my life since UO days playing every game and don’t just listen to me, look it up in the laws of gaming by Raph. Hope this works out well. Would hate to see the DAOC implementation.

  • Jonus Marko

    Very interested in the extent to the customisation that is possible.
    i.e., that treehouse/cubby house – how high can we build? What sort of material can we craft/use? Could we possibly create entire intricate castles?

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Love it!!

  • Joseph Pianta

    looks nice. I really don’t want this to become a money sink. at least the individual ones…if a guild wants to dump money sure. then again i’m not in a huge raiding/pvp’n guild we don’t have more than 2 guild bank slots. will this allow any storage or armor or supplies?

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  • Riekisha

    It looks more user friendly than LOTRO but not to the extent of Everquest, also agree that it would be way better to have the housing mingled in with the playing fields instead of in an isolated area few go to, haven’t found a game like that yet tho.