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Ideas for Dimension Locations

By on Aug 17, 2012 at 10:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 8 comments

During GamesCom yesterday, Trion showed off quite an awesome presentation of their Storm Legion player and guild housing system in action. The amount of customization possible within the system seems quite staggering, and the promise of new, exotic locales for Dimension housing is also impressive. Why hang a dragon scale on your wall when you can live in a defeated dragon’s lair instead?

RIFT’s unique sliver mechanic makes a great springboard for the coming flexibility of the various Dimension locations. While it’s not a perfect system when it comes to having an impact on the real world of Telara, it will undoubtedly make for some memorable housing locations.

After receiving the hugely-positive reaction to the GamesCom video, Faratha had some interesting words to share on the official forums:

Originally posted by Faratha (Source)

It’s great seeing all the enthusiasm for Dimensions!

We’ll have a variety of Dimensions available with the expansion. We’re including some of the most unique and memorable locations in Telara, and we’ll be adding more as time goes on.

So, while you can’t create your own Dimension location, feel free to keep sharing your favorite places… you never know. ;)

This, of course, made many RIFT players put on their thinking caps and think of some of their favorite locations in-game. Larger areas will naturally be better for guild housing Dimensions, but RIFT has some great locations for both types of housing. Here’s a brief selection of some of those ideas:

  • Rusila’s Ship in Infernal Dawn
  • Argent Glade in Silverwood
  • The Sagespire in Scarwood Reach
  • The Flatyard in Shimmersand
  • Pond area between Freemarch and Stonefield
  • The waterfall in Stonefield
  • Shoreward Island
  • Three Springs in Moonshade Highlands
  • Farhall
  • Dormant Core
  • Areas around Ember Isle
  • Zilas’s Room in Hammerknell

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Trion comes up with for any Dimensions located in Ember Isle, Hammerknell, Deepstrike Mines (I know– I’m weird, but I love the place), Gloamwood, or Iron Pine Peaks. Treehouses galore! Feel free to add in your own location ideas in the comments section.

  • Rob

    Port Scion?

  • Gaharis

    Ark of the Ascended tutorial timeline

  • Ryan Reed

    The codex, I would like to setup a nice little camp around the flag.

    • Mike

      The codex, I would like to setup a nice little camp around the flag.

      a very good thought, +100500

  • Samuel Serafim

    Is this meaning the houses arent seen by everyone and arent in our server? Too bad if its true.

    • Rob

      Check out the video, they say you can invite people to your house any time you want to.

      • Samuel Serafim

        My english isnt good. Sorry.

        • Gaharis

          You can make it a public instance if you like.