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PTS Previews Storm Legion Prelude Event and New Soul Names!

By on Aug 23, 2012 at 8:50 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 9 comments

Some very interesting updates happened on the Public Test Shard (PTS) today. Remember the empty Storm Legion ship that mysteriously appeared in between Silverwood and Freemarch? Well, today it’s not quite so empty. A new world event called Tempest Rising has began, which reads “Ominous clouds can be seen on nearly every horizon, sudden squalls wrack the land, and the air reeks of ozone and ash. Be wary Ascended, Crucia stirs.” Why, hello there, Storm Legion pre-expansion event!

Investigating the ship, which is in the same location with a new name– Wreck of the Endeavor– makes it clear that yes, the ship did indeed crash. Wreckage has been added by Trion’s team, as well as an entire ship’s crew, some encroaching Storm Legion enemies, ship cannons, daily quests, and oh yeah– NPCs with Storm Legion’s new soul names.

Note: As always, any PTS information is subject to change at any time.

Let’s get that last bit out the way first (click on the image to bring up the full size version):

Pictured we have four of the NPCs aboard the shipwreck. The soul names are listed in the tooltip info. Each NPC is an important figure among the crew:

Chief Gunner Valadaf [Tempest] – Warrior
Chief Medic Cyska [Defiler] – Cleric
Chief Officer Betiona [Harbinger] – Mage
Chief Engineer Tryxil [Tactician] – Rogue

So, how do we know that these NPCs represent the soul names? First of all, they’re the only four NPCs aboard the ship that have such classifications under their names and titles. One is called the Harbinger, which we know what that means already. It has also been hinted at on the RIFT forums that the new Rogue soul begins with the letter “T” and the new Cleric soul starts with the letter “D”. So far, the evidence fits.

We also know that the Warrior is getting some type of lightning-based abilities, some ranged abilities, and some mobility-boosting abilities. Tempest fits, as does the figure shown in the above image. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Clerics will be getting a soul called Defiler, Rogues will be getting a soul called Tactician, and Warriors will be getting a soul called Tempest. Talk about a big hint!

Also aboard the ship are two NPCs that hand out some quests, Captain Deezyl and Queen Miela. The quests are completable by both factions, and the first series consists of gathering supplies that are underwater around the shipwreck and helping the crew fight off the thugs of Storm Legion. Enemies that arrive on foot surround the wreck on smaller boats, and we also have some nifty-looking Crucia Stormtowers to destroy, which are airborne vessels. One quest has players assisting the crew by using the ship’s cannons to help destroy the ships, Marines, and Stormtowers. Parts of this quest are fairly buggy at the moment on the PTS.

After wrapping up this quest series, players are then urged to travel around Telara and bring news of the coming Storm Legion to the player’s faction city, as well as activate a portal for Queen Miela in Iron Pine Peaks. Since this is only the very early stages of this event, that’s all that is currently available on the PTS. It looks like there will be four stages total. We don’t have a reward vendor yet, but we do know that Tempest Rising will feature a currency called Electrified Emblems.

It has also been announced that the dates currently showing on the PTS for Tempest Rising (10/16/2012 – 11/20/2012) are not the actual planned dates for the event. Nope, no Storm Legion launch dates announced yet! The date currently serves, instead, as a PTS-only set of dates for testing purposes.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Very nice. The winter is comming,

    Ops, the Storm is comming… ehhehe Cool.

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Hahaha, I should use that for an article or two, I like it. :D

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  • Hoping

    Seems to me the announcements they have said about SL being released in the fall are a bit off. We’re probably looking at winter or spring for a release date. I think this is smart because they’ll be able to pick up the people that drop out of the WoW expansion as well as those that finally figure out the waste of time that GW2 is.

    • Jonus Marko

      Well, Fall (according to America) apparently lasts until Thanksgiving which is the 4th Thursday in November. So that would be 22nd November.
      Still, I would have to agree that with all the things that SL is bringing in, they’ll need a good amount of time to have people beta test it. I doubt they’d want to introduce an expansion that ends up having as many typos and issues as the tiny portion of the Tempest Rising World Event Phase 1 that we have thus far seen, only on a much, much two-continents-worth of quests/etc scale.

  • madecin1234

    Trion always said that the dates on pts for World Events are only fictif. But actually, their always been good at them. Almost all the time, the dates match what we have when it hit live servers. So end of November 2012 release? I say yes. Oh and the first World Event that was on pts 2-3 days ago (), was starting on the 12th of sept and was ending on the 10th of oct. So with a 1 week break between this one and the new one (starting the 16th of oct), I would guess that the dates are good. just my 2 cents. Patch 1.10 release on the 12th of sept I say and 21st of Nov (9 weeks later) for Storm Legion. Sounds legit to me.

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