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Trion Requesting RIFT 2.0 RP Suggestions

By on Aug 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

Role-players, you may have more to look forward to in Storm Legion (also known as RIFT 2.0) besides the awesome potential, of course, that are Dimensions. Last Friday, Trion posted a stickied thread in the Role-play forum going over some of the past changes RPers have suggested, including a few of the RP player-created addons that are out there. In addition, the team is asking for suggestions players have regarding features they’d like to see added to Soul Legion that may enhance their RP enjoyment. The thread, Improving the Role-Play experience in Rift v2.0, is full of solid suggestions so far, including:

  • Improve regulation of Role-play Terms of Service
  • Provide better tools for Role-players to connect
  • Interactable Objects you can sit on
  • Better walking functionality
  • Weapon wardrobe slots
  • More emotes and emote animations
  • Increased customizable features for dimensions, including building type and “skin”
  • Last names
  • Additional prefix titles

Some good ideas here! If you’re interesting in RP at all, make sure and give the thread a peek and offer up suggestions of your own.

  • Sas

    “Soul Legion (also known as RIFT 2.0)” Typo for Storm Legion?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Whoops! Yep, good eye.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Sorry for post this again. I cant write in Rift’s Forum right now, but I am a veteran player. I have some suggestions:
    (PVE) Improve Ascendent system, letting it much more similar to Plannar Atunemment. A new window to controll it is opened after lvl 30. U can buy new ascendent skills and levels using planarite. This will boost a lot rifts demand!!! New incentive at lvl 30.
    (PVE) Put Plannar Atunemment to open at lvl 40. New incentive at lvl 40.
    (PVE) Improve Achievment system, putting it like Event quests similar to rift invasions at cap level. The achivment showed is to easiest to hardest achievment in that map. So Trion will need to rank all the achievments in the game. This can be done very easy ranking quests only by dificulty (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard) and by distance. Frist showed is the very easy, the closer to the further.
    (PVE) Increse Sanctum City. Guardian’s capital is too little.
    (PVE) Put a datting system cross shard cross faction.

    (PVP) Fix the conquest, make it more pvp and better built.
    (PVP) Put a new conquest in Iron Pine Peak, with 3 new and colossus rifts to factions destroy and gain one point. After the match, a last colossus will show up in center to faction winner gain more rewards.
    (PVP) Put PVP Ranks to open at lvl 20. This will boost a lot pvp at lower levels but dont worry. The prestige gains will be reduced according to lvl. 10%(lvls 20~29), 20%(lvls 30~39), 30%(lvls 40~49). New incentive at lvl 20.