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Time for a New Raid Lockout System?

By on Aug 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

With guilds being able to house players of both factions in RIFT 1.10 and Soul Legion on the horizon, is it perhaps time for Trion to rethink the current raid lockout system? Some players wondered just that in one forum topic recently, and even came up with an interesting and unique suggestion. Here’s the general gist of the idea:

“If you guys are familiar with the Warcraft looking for raid system, they have a “loot lock” system in place. Though WoW developed this idea, they didn’t take it to its full potential. The loot lock system allows a player to run a raid as many times as they like during a week, but that player can only roll on the gear or get marks ONCE per week per character. Now the great thing about Rift is the Planar Attunement system brings in a reward for those that are locked to the bosses they help kill. You get the exp from the mobs killed as usual, but as an added bonus, if you are loot locked, you get a 50k PA exp item. This would allow people in guilds that do the weeklies as a guild to help their friends finish the weeklies. Also, if a player gets locked to say 2 bosses in a raid and missed the continuation, they can jump in a fresh run to finish the raid and get loot off the remaining bosses they have not locked.”

Basically, the idea is that players would get locked to each boss according to loot they choose to pick up, not the instance ID or individual boss fight. So, for instance, a large guild can run the upper levels of HK multiple times a week, bringing in players who need specific pieces and trading them out once they obtain what they need. This would also let players help other guildmates when trying to complete weekly raid quests as well as let smaller guilds call on friends who’ve already ran the content that week when short on raid nights.

Of course, an idea like this would most likely need to have some sort of limits applied, otherwise players may be prone to continuously farming AP, reputation, achievements, and even platinum in this manner. Raid content burnout may also be an issue with this system.

What do you think? Does an idea like this have a place in RIFT, or does the amount of content available at current endgame make raid lockouts a non-issue?

  • Tanner Norris

    Yes! This seems to be a fairly nice solution to the issue at hand. I recently came back to Rift, but all the changes are definitely for the better. Great job Trion!

  • Skeptical

    So you only get locked to a boss if you get a piece of loot from it? Seems like it would trivialize the lockouts regardless because you could farm the boss and if it didn’t drop what anyone wanted then they just reset and try again. Once everyone is geared up, which would happen much quicker, the already exhausting mark/ISS/rep grinds would have to be more extensive to give more time sinks. That one final piece of loot that eludes people for months keeps them coming back to participate in the content but having it pretty much guaranteed due to resetting the raid would just be a bad idea in my opinion.

    • Xaelyin

      I think you misunderstand how these systems generally work. In fairness the article did a crap job explaining it too. You are locked to loot eligibility rather than actual loot. So if the boss dies and has loot, even if it’s nothing you can even equip, then you are locked to that boss and will not be eligible for loot from it again. So what you are really locked to is loot eligibility rather than loot itself.

  • Havok Toshyn

    Rift has definitely raised the bar when it comes to MMOs, even to a point where WOW is starting to copy ideas from Rift (confirmed by my friends who play both MMOs). This new type of system would be perfect for Rift and continues with the idea that Rift has when it comes to allowing players play with friends. WOW started the idea but didnt perfect it. Rift has every opportunity to make raiding that much better with this newer system.

  • Iferious

    I have to say I like this Idea. I think it would be nice to go back into a Raid Like HK and hit the lower floor after my guild does the top floor. I think it would alow people to PUG parts that they not longer do with there guild alowing them to get extra marks and hit the boss they still need stuff from so i am for the change.