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Will Storm Legion Fix Cleric DPS?

By on Aug 30, 2012 at 11:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 13 comments

Like Rogue and Warrior players, Cleric players have been anxiously awaiting our Storm Legion soul unveil. Some Cleric players are more excited about the announcement of the incoming fixes and changes to our current souls than the unveiling of the shiny, new soul (Defiler!). That alone should tell the community that something is amiss about the current state of Clerics. And there certainly is– when it comes to Cleric DPS.

For quite a few major patches now, we’ve seen Band-Aid fixes of sorts, where numbers are tacked on to Mien of Aggression, certain abilities, and well, that’s about it. Mien of Aggression itself is half the problem, since we’re dependent on it for DPS. And even with it, our DPS scaling constantly falls behind. Clerics need a true overhaul to really be competitive on the DPS playing field. Yesterday, Zinbik, RIFT’s Cleric Lead, admitted just that.

In a thread asking about any Cleric changes coming in RIFT 1.10, Zinbik answered with the following:

Originally posted by Zinbik (Source)

There are no further changes planned for Clerics in 1.10. If fixing Cleric DPS was as simple as boosting Mien of Aggression or any similar singular change, I would have done so a long time ago. :(

Unfortunate, but true. Our DPS souls need to be reworked from the ground up, and it’s great to see Trion acknowledging this fact. Luckily, Storm Legion offers the team a unique shot at performing this overhaul and offering us some new goodies at the same time.

What are some ways you’d like to see Cleric DPS changed in Storm Legion? Personally, I’d like to see some major work done to the Shaman soul. Shaman’s one of my favorite original souls from late beta, and I still love it because of the way it blends physical and magical damage. Unfortunately, the soul’s physical damage mechanics currently need some work. With any luck, maybe Storm Legion will fix that.

  • Silver

    I would like to see the druid soul tweeked to be more competative with dps .. and i like that pet dps/heals is alot from the pets themselves making them useful (ie: do not lower pet % of dps/heal compared to the clerics overall when tweeking the soul itself.. the pets are Awesome!!).

  • Silver

    Or heck tweek druids more for support or even healing (via pets mostly) instead of a more competative dps (rather see them be a solid support/heal role then increasing their dps — not lowering what they can do already of course just tweeking to make them more viable for the other two)..forget the shaman and work on the druid if anything .. please . they are a blast :) .. dont get me wrong i love the healing souls alot, and shamans are cool for those who enjoy that type of play style .. but with justicar being the only ‘support/tank’ role, making the druids able to fill the support/heal role even more then they do would be awesome!!

    • Raven

      I agree. Tweeking druids to make them more viable for support and/or heals would be fantastic.! No need to lower the dps or even increase it overall, as i think they do just fine as they are IF their usage for support and/or heals (via pet mostly) were to be made competative with the other souls. (Allowing them to be the psuedo counterpart to the justicars ‘support / tank’ roles).

    • Silver

      of course i did forget to mention for druids (pets specifically), as they are soooo dependant on their pets if making their pets more able to withstand assaults, meaning not be killed in 2-3 seconds by other players because then the druid themselves just became a third of what other fully (or near fully) specd clerics are for survivability. Considering that to be even partially viable druids have to put 46+ pnts into their soul, that leaves little else for them pnt wise … so for example if you are in stillmore or another pvp hotspot and soloing and a rogue or other high burst dps class appears and targets your fairy asap (2-3 seconds later its dead) and then so are you, where as if they target you and not your pet then the druid has a good chance of surviving and outlasting the other player (sometimes – depending on gear of course)…
      Sorry dont mean to harp on druid tweeking, as i LUV the healing souls and such, but i really think the druid has alot of potential and is alot of fun to play, yet is sorely lacking compared to every other cleric soul — for heal/support i mean mostly — the dps part i can pump out a very nice chunk for ST stuff so i think the dps is just fine as is although i would not be opposed to dps boon if clerics in general need a dps upgrading (i still play my druidicar 95% of time nowdays)

  • Kait

    part of the main issue is the near total lack of synergy between dps souls. We have water/air, death/life, earth, and pure death damage types where one tree usually has no bonuses that apply to attacks from any other.

    Most other dps trees have some passives in the sub-20pts range that will apply to several other dps trees in that class. This lets them use their left over points in other trees to boost the damage of their primary soul. Clerics lack this and it is one of the main reason their DPS is so lackluster. The main reason so may dps clerics run *-icar is that… well… what ELSE are they going to spend points in?

  • Ryan

    Reading this post has me wanting to ask one question: What sort of interaction do you have with Cleric DPS and/or what is your current gear level? You write on this site all the time but I’ve never actually seen what your gear is like and/or what your Rift experience is. Are you currently in ID and if so, what’s your current progression?

    Would be nice to know that the people writing about Rift actually play this game and aren’t in it for the money.

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Sure, I don’t mind answering questions. I do play the game, have since late beta, and enjoy it quite a bit. My main’s a Cleric, and I raid, but pretty casually these days. I used to do the hardcore-ish raiding thing in WoW, and realized that I enjoy a more relaxed approach. That and my schedule’s pretty random these days. :D I haven’t cleared ID yet, and am kinda in between guilds currently, searching for one that fits my schedule better. I’m hoping to raid more often when Storm Legion launches. I haven’t entirely decided if I’m going to stick with my Cleric for SL or level one of my other characters (also have a Rogue, Warrior, and leveling Mage) first.

      As for my Cleric, I’m a Justicar tank first and foremost, but also have JnB, Druidicar, Shamicar (I know, it’s not the best anymore, but it’s still my preferred solo spec), Inquisitor, and a multipurpose healing spec lined up. I’ve had experience with pretty much all Cleric DPS specs, but my gear has never been super awesome due to DPS items being off-spec for me.

      • Ryan

        So what raids have you completed then?

        • Laura Hardgrave

          GSB and RoS when they were new, and parts of HK. I wouldn’t mind catching up a bit before SL comes out, but we’ll see. :) I need a late night guild, and those are hard to come by.

          • Ryan

            Oh, I was expecting a little more content to be honest. So if you don’t do any raids then are you R50 for PVP? If not, is there any reason why your main doesn’t seem to be too progressed with PVE and PVP content?

            What would you say you do in Rift then?

          • Laura Hardgrave

            I’m not R50, but I’ve been playing Conquest quite a bit since it launched. I’m definitely more of a world content MMO’er these days, although I enjoy 5-mans and 10-mans quite a bit, too. I’ve always been addicted to alts and crafting (in any game), so that’s one huge reason right there. :D I have multiple alts of both factions across multiple servers. Most I created to help friends.

            I love Rift’s dynamic content, although I wish they’d concentrate on it a little more often. I still enjoy joining PuG raid rifts on my 50s and zone events, and I’m big into collecting artifacts, pets, and all other types of shiny stuff. I also love Rift’s world event system, which is why I spend so much time writing about the new world events. That said, yep, I spend quite a bit of time on the PTS server.

  • jMerliN

    The simple answer: no. Without violating the NDA on the beta, I’m just chocking it up to my utter disdain for the worthless moron Zinbik. Never before have I seen such an absurdly stupid person in charge of such an important role, and I’ve seen some pretty massive incompetence. I’d imagine he’s only slightly below average for Trion, since there’s a collective groupthink that “melee dps should be higher than ranged dps” solely because of one thing: disconnects. I didn’t think such incompetence and inability to think was possible of such a large group of people, but apparently it is.

    In essence, Zinbik has constantly made terrible choices, failed to listen to the community, even the ones who’ve basically done his job for him. This is abundantly clear just by reading the forums and looking at patch notes since the game launched. There are a huge number of issues that should be addressed, to which very good solutions have been proposed, and which are still not corrected to this day. When you have a guy who’s solution to “fixing DPS” is a bolt-on additive flat damage % increase when there are thousands of posts decrying how bad it is (even with evidence from the PTS) and at least 10 very good alternatives that are even less difficult to implement, you should NEVER expect him to get anything substantially right, ever. Never. A lot of people are expecting some MASSIVELY EPIC improvement in the state of the Cleric in SL, and you’re setting yourself up for the biggest disappointment ever. You’re making a HUGE bet on a guy who’s been consistently (if anything, he’s consistent, I’ll give him that) letting people down for the past year. You’re making a HUGE bet on a guy who has yet to come up with a single good solution to any problem. You’re making a HUGE bet on a guy who can’t even get the reveal of his work scheduled before it’s publicly available. You’re making a mistake.

    Instead, realize that Clerics, given Zinbiks prior work, are probably totally fucked. With that realization, since you’re given the opportunity of a gear reset, it’s a great time to pick another class. Warriors have consistently had broken levels of damage, so that trend is likely to continue. Mages have consistently been epicly versatile casters, and now they have a melee soul (and since all melee damage is to be higher than ranged damage, by Trion’s own public decision, you can expect it to be competitive with Warriors). That’s a really good choice if you like healing and having epic DPS but don’t care much about tanking. And then there’s the rogue, which is supposedly going to be a pretty solid tank (as per the unveil video), and which has consistently had pretty competitive DPS. It can also heal and provides an invaluable raid position as a must-have-support. Further, it has that awesomesauce which is stealth that EVERYONE qq’s about, and some broken tools for PvP, like the ability to completely ignore CC. So if you want to tank: 2 choices. If you want to heal: 2 choices. If you want to DPS: 3 choices (1 probably better than the other 2). If all you ever, ever, ever, want to do is heal, you might be OK playing a Cleric, but that’s about it. It’s pretty clear Cleric is an unnecessary class, and given that the most incompetent person in Bay Area is the one making decisions about it, it’s far better to consider one of these other well designed classes. You’ll suffer less from terrible changes, and you’ll enjoy the game more and therefore feel less cheated about your monthly tithe. Win win. Join me and plenty of others in leaving the Cleric soul behind. It’s time to play the rest of the game and time to end our suffering under Zinbik. Hopefully either Trion deletes the calling altogether and makes it clear why they haven’t attempted to make it competitive or they eventually fix it after realizing it’s so bad that nobody wants to play it. Either way, the game can still be enjoyed regardless of what happens to Clerics, so move on!

  • Artho

    Without all the name calling, I have to say jMerliN is not far off point with the DPS issue. I am R50 PvP, and have been wondering when if ever something will be done to improve DPS for the Cleric. If the DPS is diminished then you resort to being a healer. However even a healer spec isn’t that competitive when you look at the new improved Mage. That all being said. If you look at the cleric in a support role he does well if protected by other specs. Some of the buffs of the healer do enhance healing of other specs and the same goes for DMG. Not everyone wants to do Tanking in a Cleric role, some of us prefer stand off attacks, or heals. I would like to be competitive with other specs. Seems like Cleric is way behind, in my opinion.