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Deeps’ Depot: What’s Next?

By on Sep 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

So, now we have our convenient, in-game RIFT store, also known as Deeps’ Depot. In response to the tinfoil-wearing buzz surrounding the discovery of the shopping cart icon during PAX Prime, Trion was quick to announce their immediate goal for the store, which is to merely give players an easy way to pick up Storm Legion and time cards, CE extras, etc. This quick response was a good sign. It was also a good sign that the team then turned around and added it to the live game, reinforcing their announcement.

Also added to Deeps’ Depot yesterday was the addition of paid name changes and guild name changes. The service will undoubtedly be useful for players who wish to change their names yet don’t want to hassle with server transferring and being away from their server for a week (upon returning, they would be given the option to change their name). This may also help a few guilds out there.

Now, there’s no denying the fact that the entire setup of Deeps’ Depot looks, well, a lot like a typical free-to-play cash shop. There’s room for plenty of other categories. With any luck we won’t need too many of them, but Trion definitely has some options here, even standing strong within the game’s current subscription model.

So, what else could we see in Deeps’ Depot? Some players on the official forums have been asking just that. The first, and arguably most obvious suggestion is the idea of paid race changes:

“When will we see a $5-10 race change feature?

Trion would probably make huge amounts of bank on this.”

Many MMOs offer such a service, and if Trion were to introduce one, many players would probably take part. I know I personally would be tempted. Paid gender changes are also an option.

Another option that has been suggested is the idea of restricting our current free-for-all shard transfer system, and forcing players to pay a fee for transferring between shards. Here is one player’s opinion:

“I think server transfers should cost money just to control them. I know people that use the free ones to exploit in game auction house markets and the like. As a temporary free service it was cool to help balance server pops, but if you look at EVERY other MMO that ever permitted it the service cost money to not only make a profit but to also discourage using it to gimmick certain systems.”

This one’s naturally a little more debatable. Free transfers are definitely handy, especially during times when shard populations fluctuate quite a bit.

We also have to consider the possibility that Trion may introduce more cosmetic items in the future using the store. Additional mounts, pets, titles, capes, and even Dimension goodies may eventually pop up in Deeps’ Depot. Where will Trion draw that line? Where should Trion draw that line? What do you think? Would paid race change, gender change, and shard transfers go well in RIFT, or is any addition to the shop a step in the wrong direction?

  • Tophir

    I think Trion is just planning ahead. Its also a smart move when you think about it. Having a menu in the game where you can purchase expansions, upgrades, consmetic items, etc makes a purchase more likely since it is more convenient. Also, if the game ever gets to a point where F2P becomes emminent then the architecture is already established to seamlessly shift over to that system.

  • Meadowlark

    I hope they don’t decide to charge for shard transfers. There are always going to be a few people who abuse a system – any system, it doesn’t matter what – but the correct response is to handle those few exploiters, not completely demolish the system. There are bad cops. There are people who steal books from the library. But we don’t get rid of the police or library system just because a few people abuse those systems.

    It’s nice to try out different servers – I’m currently on Silkweb with my Defiants, and it is very quiet. My underplayed Guardians are on Deepwood, which is a pretty busy server. I might do a 50/50 split with my favorite characters, but only if I can move my characters around for free. If there’s a charge, I guess I’m stuck where I am.

  • Joseph Pianta

    i’ve only changed shards once and it was because my shard went free trial. but I like the free ability if I ever wanted to. but 5.00 name changes and such would be ok. I not a big F2P person it ends up nickle and dimming you all over. i have more than 18 months in-game time after buying the expansion… so i hope its monthly for a while.

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