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Autumn Harvest RIFT Mobile Mini-Game: Pumpkin Patch

By on Sep 17, 2012 at 11:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

We haven’t seen a whole lot of development on RIFT’s Mobile App lately, but we do have a nifty, new Lootables mini-game to accompany Autumn Harvest. The new Scratcher-like mini-game is called Pumpkin Patch, and offers players a chance to grab some bonus rewards straight from the in-game holiday World Event, including Ambersap currency and two types of goodie bags– Alo’s Amazing Bounty and Autumn Harvest Bounty.

Alo’s Amazing Bounty contains various Alo-style transformation foods from the different World Events, and the Autumn Harvest Bounty contains buff food items from Autumn Harvest, including turkey, cranberries, and wine. The rewards aren’t spectacular admittedly, and the odds seem about the same as the other mini-games, but it’s a nice little bonus for those times when you’re away from the computer and have your smartphone in hand. Pumpkin Patch will only be available for a limited time.

Here’s what the full mini-game looks like (click to enlarge):

Now, for players who may not have heard, it’s not only possible to grab the RIFT Mobile App– which allows RIFT players, for free, to chat with friends, guildmates, track zone events, and play little mini-games that reward RIFT loot– on your iOS or Android smartphone, but it’s also possible to play the app on a computer using a nifty, free program called BlueStacks. Check out all the details on the official RIFT forums.

Keep in mind that both the RIFT Mobile App and BlueStacks are still in beta, so you may experience some bugs and lagged loading screens, etc. For more information on the app itself, check out Trion’s official information page.