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Diessa Plateau 100% Completion Map and Cheatsheet

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Next up in our series of Guild Wars 2 area completion guides is Diessa Plateau, the second charr racial area, intended for players between levels 15-25. The area’s home of some interesting challenges, included three jumping puzzles, a cow-flinging catapult, and plenty of old, decrepit ruins waiting to be explored. To get there, travel to The Black Citadel, and head north through Memorial Quadrant and through the portal.

These completion guides are intended to help players achieve the completion series achievements. We’ll just be covering the more difficult-to-find Points of Interest, all of the Vista Points, all of the Skill Challenges, and the area’s jumping puzzles. Also included is a humungous map, with every major Point of Interest (PoI) and Waypoint (WP) labeled. Points of Interest have black-bordered text, Waypoints dark blue. Renown (heart) quests are also labeled with their suggested level. This should help you decide on a path of adventure, if you so choose.

I’ve also labeled nearby portals to other maps as well as the entrances to the map’s secret jumping puzzles. When reading my tips for completing the jumping puzzles, make sure to take a peek at the pictures that are linked at some of the tougher areas.

Diessa Plateau’s 100% Completion and Cheatsheet map (click to show full size version):


Jumping Puzzles

There are two on the map besides those required for Vistas/Skill Points, making three total:

Grendich Gamble: This one takes place at the largest rectangle building in The Blasted Moors. Basically, you need to get to the top of the building by going around and around it, jumping on stone blocks and little outcroppings of wood. It’s not too difficult, although enemies respawn pretty quickly, and as a charr/norn, you may experience some issues with the camera becoming randomly obstructed. At the top is the achievement, a Rich Silver node, and a Veteran mob.

Crimson Plateau: This one’s near the Redreave Mill Waypoint. Head to the location shown on the main map. Hop up the rocks as shown in the image to the right, run through the grass, up the broken stones, hopping across to the rocks, then keep climbing up to the next area with the ruins. Jump up the next pile of broken stones, then hop through the gap between the ruined wall. Your goal here is the next series of grassy hills, so keep hopping on the rocks to get there.

Now, when you get to this place, it’s hard to see with the trees, but your next destination is through the gap ahead, approximately outlined with the red circle. Taking a flying leap off the side of the hill should get you through. After running through, follow the grassy area south to the next set of broken stone pillars. Hop across to the grassy hill that has some Onions on it, then look down for another pair of pillars as shown here. Hop down on those, follow them, hop to the next tiny grassy area, then to the larger stone outcropping. Hop across one more time, and you’ll be able to hop down to face a Veteran mob, grab an achievement, and open a shiny chest. If you still need help, here is a video.

Wall Breach Blitz: This is the one to get the Breached Wall Vista and Skill Challenge. See below!


Vistas, Points of Interest, and Skill Challenges

Vista south of Town of Nageling:

Head east of the Vista point, hugging the mountain. You’ll run into a pile of boulders that can be climbed and hopped across.

Silex Castrum PoI:

This one’s to the west of Ruins of Oldgate. Enter a cave, fight some Flame Legion enemies.

Moorwatch Tower Skill Challenge:

South of Blasted Moors. Defeat the butcher in his goofy hat.

Vista in same area, Moorwatch Tower:

Go to merchant southeast of the tower, slightly northeast of Town of Nagelring. Right click on the cattlepult that’s next to the merchant, and you’ll end up right by the Vista. If the event’s going on, you won’t be able to access it. Also, as a warning, this one’s fairly buggy right now on many servers.

Vista in Village of Butcher’s Block:

Climb up in the peak-shaped hill inside the village that’s north of the Vista point. Hop across to the metal fencing. You don’t need to hop to the very top, the second level is fine. Run toward the Vista point.

Blasted Moors Skill Challenge:

This one’s underground, along with the Point of Interest in the area. You can hop down the well that’s in the center of Blasted Moors, or swim there through the aqueduct that leads directly to the nearby lake. The Skill Challenge itself is just a commune point, but there may be some enemies to clear out first. The oozes down here respawn pretty fast.

Rancher’s Wash Skill Challenge:

Kill the cub’s giant bull. The bull has quite a bit of health, but doesn’t hit too hard.

Redreave Mill Vista:

Southwest of Nemus Groves. Hop up the rocky hillside south of the Vista Point. Hop up the taller, grassier rock outcropping, hop across the gap, and grab the Vista.

The Breached Wall Vista and Skill Challenge, also known as Wall Breach Blitz:

This one’s a doozy. You’ll need to start at around the location marked on the main map. There’s a visible staircase to climb, shown to the left. This area has a lot of enemies that respawn very quickly.

Now, keep in mind your objective here. We need to cross the wall, basically. Head up the staircase. Where the first gap is, hop across to the platform that’s against the wall. Hugging the wall helps. Hop to the ridge and follow it. At some point you’ll come across a Veteran mob that may or may not pull. Kill it and continue along the ridge. There’s a gap to jump across it that leads to another ridge around the corner.

Follow this new ridge until it ends, then hop up the end piece. Hop up to the next ridge, then hop to the left piece, then back to the right– just like this. Keep heading right (west), ignoring the little outcropping of enemies.

At the very corner, you’ll see where to head up. Hop up, then resume heading east (to the left). Once on the gassy knoll, hop across the gap to the little pillar that’s sticking out. Hop across the smaller pillars. Here, the path seems to end.

Hop down and to the south, where the stone ledges continue. Continue to the east. Hug the outer edge of the stone when hopping to the next stone outcropping. Hop up the smaller outcroppings then go through the grassy area, around the building. On the other side is a staircase-looking wall that’s perfect for hopping up.

Climb up the staircase, head to the edge, and make a flying leap across. I found sticking to the right side helped, as it sticks out a little further. Keep heading west, ignoring the staircase for the moment. We can’t climb it until we go behind it. Here’s what it looks like. On the other side, there’s a convenient little rock staircase. Head up the stairs afterwards, and voila, Challenge Point, along with a Veteran mob!

To reach the Vista, take a flying leap off the very edge, and you should be able to make it. If you still need help, here is a video.

Bloodcliff Quarry Vista:

Run to the back of the quarry, run up the northeastern hill, and hop on the platform.

Challenge Point north of Gram Hills:

Summons three scorpions, including a Veteran. Try and clear out the area before summoning. Also, watch for the poison and tail launches.

Burntfur’s Pool PoI:

Swim under the Breachwater Lake bridge, toward the PoI, dive down deep where the lake’s heavy with plant life, and you’ll find an underwater cave. Swim through to fetch the PoI.

Vista north of Breachwater Lake:

Hop up the piles of boulders directly to the north of the Vista.

Challenge Point on island directly north of “Blackblade Lake” text:

Summons a group of Skales.

Incedio Templum Vista:

Head deep into Incendio Templum, climb up the stack of blocky-looking stones.

Flame Temple Tombs Vista:

Head to the north side of the pool, pass where the Vista is, and hop up on the small rock that’s not quite against the cliff. From there, hop onto the pile of larger rocks. This rock path is shown to the right. Afterwards, make your way to the very top of the dome, where you can drop down and grab the Vista.

Spider Nest Cavern Skill Challenge:

There are two ways to enter the spider cave, both north of Manbane’s Outcrop. Make your way through the cave, and eventually you’ll come across a Veteran ooze and an NPC to talk to who gives you some meat to eat, which grants the Skill Point.

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