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Gendarran Fields 100% Completion Map and Cheatsheet

By on Oct 1, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Article, Guides, GW2  |  Comments: 1 comment

Next up in our series of Guild Wars 2 area completion guides is Gendarran Fields, the area directly north of Lion’s Arch, intended for players between levels 25-35. The area’s home of some pretty windmills, bloodthirsty pirates, and even more bloodthirsty centaur. Gendarran Fields is where the Vigil Headquarters is located, and in the same area, an asura portal to the high level Straits of Devastation map. There is one jumping puzzle in Gendarran Fields that isn’t required for the completion achievement.

These completion guides are intended to help players achieve the completion series achievements. We’ll just be covering the more difficult-to-find Points of Interest, all of the Vista Points, all of the Skill Challenges, and the area’s jumping puzzles. Also included is a humungous map, with every major Point of Interest (PoI) and Waypoint (WP) labeled. Points of Interest have black-bordered text, Waypoints dark blue. Renown (heart) quests are also labeled with their suggested level. This should help you decide on a path of adventure, if you so choose.

I’ve also labeled nearby portals to other maps as well as the entrance to the map’s secret jumping puzzle, Swashbuckler’s Cove. Gendarran Fields’ puzzle starts in a cave accessible from the riverbank shown on the large map below. For puzzle tips, please see here.

Many other maps can be accessed from Gendarran Fields, including:

Lion’s Arch (both southern portals)
Snowden Drifts (top eastern portal)
Lornar’s Pass (bottom eastern portal)
Harathi Hinterlands (both northern portals)
Kessex Hills (bottom western portal)
Queensdale (top western portal)

Gendarran Fields 100% Completion and Cheatsheet map (click to show full size version):


Cornucopian Fields Vista:

Start back where the giant pipe begins, at the mill south of the Vista. Hop on the stone ledge, shown on the screenshot to the right as the first X, then hop on the pipe, the second X. If you hug the wall, you’ll be able to move across it then follow the pipe all the way to the Vista. Once below the Vista, you’ll need to jump on either of the small wooden planks to hop to the very top.

Klakka the Brain Skill Point:

This one’s in Lake Gendarr, north of Applenook Hamlet Waypoint. Climb the wrecked ship from the eastern side, then speak to the asura pirate. If you choose to fight him, he’s not too difficult. His “yarr…” is adorable.

Lake Gendarr Skill Point (West side):

South of Mellaggan Shrine, north of Oogooth Waypoint (which is underwater). Talk to the little quaggan and defeat him.

Almuten Mansion Vista:

Go inside the house (approaching from the dockside might be the more direct patch), then up every flight of stairs you see. Eventually you’ll run into the Vista.

Overlook Caverns Vista:

A cave leads to this one. The starting point is the cave just south of Junction Haven Wapoint, the one full of Ice Trolls. Make your way through. Eventually the trolls will turn into spiders, and you’ll find your way to the outside, where the Vista is. There may be a couple Veteran spiders along the way.

Janusian Caves Skill Point:

North of Icegate Gorge, south of Junction Haven. Go through the cave. At the very end is a Veteran Ettin and a Skill Point to commune with.

Molenheide Point of Interest:

Second level of the main Dredge complex. Barely entering the cave will trigger it.

Bonus Area: Provernic Crypt:

Fun little optional area with some fires to dodge, enemies to kill, and a miniature puzzle. Slip behind the wall in the room with the spiders and step on both pressure plates (they sparkle when you’ve successfully stepped on them) to open the heavy door in the room with the Champion spider. In this room is a treasure chest and a stone that lets you exit the crypt.

Ascalon Settlement Vista:

Travel to the very north end of the city, where you have to climb a sloped path that’s edged by moss-covered stone. Keep climbing the path as it edges around, running toward the vista. You’ll finally see the vista on top of a building, and it can be reached by merely hopping on the roof from this side.

Skill Point Challenge west of Traveler’s Dale:

Same location as the Melamdru’s Cenote Point of Interest. Enter the cave that’s directly east from First Haven, continue to the second level, and make your way to the very end, where both can be grabbed.

Nebo Terrace Vista:

Run up the platform where the trebuchet is, and hop across to the rooftop to grab the Vista.

Skill Point Challenge north of Hezran Outcrops:

Enter the cave (either side will do) and fight your way to the little golem who gives you an item in your inventory to use. There are a couple Veteran mobs in this cave.

Vista north of Witherflank River and west of Provernic Crypt:

Hop up the rocks on the southern side. Easy grab.

Vigilant Hills Vista:

Easiest Vista ever. Run up the hill!

Vigil Keep Skill Point Challenge:

Defeat Warmaster Yulia.

Brigantine Isles Vista:

Easily reached from the top of the hill, which can be climbed up from the northeastern shore.

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