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Storm Legion’s First Closed Beta: This Weekend!

By on Oct 1, 2012 at 7:24 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

Big news was announced today by the folks at Trion. Even though our Rogue soul reveal is going to take place on Friday, October 5th, and we’re still waiting to see the Cleric reveal, we’ll be seeing our first Storm Legion closed beta event this weekend, starting October 5th! Here’s the full announcement, which was posted on the forums and on Trion’s Facebook page:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

RIFT: Storm Legion’s first Closed BETA Test begins this Friday, October 5th and runs all weekend long!

Take your first steps on Dusken & Brevane as you check out Dimensions, new souls, class changes and more – all while helping us stress test as we prepare for launch!

Who’s invited? Anyone who has Pre-Ordered! Chase the storm today and secure you seat –

You can also opt-in for a chance to be invited to Beta Events via your account center:

We highly encourage opting into to our mailing lists as well to ensure you receive all notices about BETA outside of the initial invitation.

During the weekend, players who pre-ordered (including the one-year sub deal) and those who didn’t but opted in and were chosen will be able to test out all the new souls, including the Tactician (Rogue) and Defiler (Cleric). This was confirmed in Trion’s Twitter feed earlier. This will be a bit of a spoiler for Cleric players, but hopefully a good one.

Also, we will have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in place, at least for the beginning weekend events, which basically means players taking part won’t be able to disclose certain details or media pertaining to the event until the NDA is dropped. We’ll be finding out the exact details of the NDA this coming week I imagine.

Elrar followed up the initial announcement with some additional details:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

We’ll let you know when the invite emails have gone out and when the patcher is available. We do plan to make the patcher available prior to Friday so you can download in advance.

Being that this is BETA, however, that is not a guarantee.

There will be an NDA for at least the initial events. If you want to receive all emails regarding BETA (besides just your initial invite) please make sure you’re opted in to our mailing list to ensure you get all of the details and updates directly.

Can find that option here:…s!input.action