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Storm Legion: Light on PvP?

By on Oct 9, 2012 at 9:34 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

Lately there’s been no shortage of information from Trion about Storm Legion. We’ve heard a lot about new additions to the game like Dimensions and hunt rifts and have been promised literally tens of pages of PvE patch note changes. So far, though, things have been pretty quiet on the subject of PvP additions. Is Trion neglecting PvP in Storm Legion, or do players just need to be more patient?

There are currently five different warfronts in the game for level 50 characters, and while there have been vague assurances that Storm Legion will ship with a new one no further details have yet been shared. Even if the new warfront is a hit with players, only one new map in the rotation will do little to relieve the tedium of a longtime player’s PvP grind.

And grind we will indeed. Storm Legion does come with additional Prestige Ranks and, it’s safe to assume, additional tiers of PvP gear. Trion’s PvP normalization tests back in August apparently showed that PvP without gear considerations was unfeasible, but it would be nice to see a system that’s more balanced between “gear doesn’t matter” and “gear is everything”.

On the plus side, though, Conquest is still fairly new and was a significant addition to RIFT’s PvP offerings. The system is still going through many tweaks and alterations, but it will most certainly be made available to level 60 characters in Storm Legion.

Also one of the biggest potential changes to PvP is still almost completely unknown: how Storm Legion’s many class updates will affect the battlefield. Today’s hottest warfront spec will become tomorrow’s unpopular fad. There’s really no way to say at this point how the overall class design philosophy for Storm Legion will play out, so it’s possible that some shift in mechanics will make player versus player combat particularly more fun.

The relationship between PvE and PvP has often been strained in RIFT and really in most major MMORPGs. Changes to game mechanics intended to fix a problem in one often cause new side effects in the other. Players who prefer one playstyle resent being forced to participate in the other activity for some of the best gear.

However, it’s hard to deny that PvE has gotten a lot more love than PvP in the official Storm Legion updates so far. Hopefully the new warfront is well designed, Conquest keeps being tweaked into shape, and the class changes work with PvP rather than against it, or else some PvPers might be disappointed come November 13th.

  • Joe Cooke

    Most serious PvPers have left Rift for brighter shores, so it’s no surprise Trion have chosen to concentrate on the PvE aspect of Rift. That said, the main gripe right now concerning PvP is the likely grind to max rank. As it stands, current rank 50s will only have 10 more levels to blast out, whereas players new to Storm Legion have an absolute mountain to climb, thus exacerbating an already dwindling PvP player-base.

    • Michael Anderson

      In my opinion, they could easily do without PvP, and focus 100% on PvE.

      • michael anderson sucks cock

        your opinion is garbage