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Dimension Live Stream Highlights

By on Oct 20, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

Storm Legion’s mega beta weekend is in full swing along with Extra Life 2012 today, but just in case you aren’t able to attend the festivities, Trion held another fun live stream yesterday, this time focusing on Dimensions. Let me just say– player-made Dimensions are going to be hot in RIFT. The amount of creativity that players can put into them is frankly quite astounding, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the game attracts some new players due to the seemingly unlimited potential Dimensions have.

Let’s get right into the action and go over the highlights of yesterday’s live stream and Dimensions in general, shall we?

Some of the Dimensions showcased included Granite Falls Inn, which is in Stonefield. Dimensions like this one come emptied, which lets players make their own furnishings, structures, plant life, and more. In the Granite Falls one, the outside lake, waterfall, and a portion of the shore is included. Dormant Core is another Dimension we saw, as well as some new areas from beta. In general, the beginning Dimensions are smaller, and the ones obtainable later on are quite a bit larger. Players can have more than one Dimension, as well as Guild Dimensions, which currently aren’t available on beta.

Objects are extremely customizable in Dimensions. The building hotbar, shown to the left, allows players to quickly place new items, change between XYZ mode, which changes an object’s size, and rotate mode, which lets the player adjust exactly how the object looks. These different modes are keybindable. Objects, of course, can also be placed up in the air, which allows players to come up with all sorts of cool jumping puzzles, tree houses, etc.

There’s one level of an undo function, which is controlled by the Escape key. Shift-click moves and rotates multiple items at once. The UI also has a nifty item list players can bring up to quickly locate items, move items between Dimensions, and tear down entire structures.

Control D lets you duplicate something as it appears, previewed to the right. This only works if the player already has the extra items in their bag. This will be great for building elaborate structures that require a bit of uniformity. Speaking of uniformity, player addons are currently being developed for the ease of configuring and building. Some of the Dimensions built using these addons can be previewed on beta.

In total, there are over 250 items and objects for decorating and furnishing Dimensions, with more on the way in the future. There will undoubtedly be Christmas items, etc. for future World Events. Among the coolest items– a music box that’s limited to RIFT music, a sky changer that changes the sky above to look like the Conquest sky, the barkeep from RIFT’s Wedding feature who serves actual booze, and a rain maker. Players can’t currently change the time of day in Dimensions.

Each Dimension has its own upgrade path and a limit of how many items it can contain. Performing upgrades is how players will be able to increase that item limit. Guild Dimensions will have higher item limits. Guild Dimensions are obtainable at the following guild ranks: first Dimension at rank 5, two at 15, and two at rank 25. These will be previewed in the final stage of beta.

The first two player Dimensions are free, and are obtained from quests. Beginner objects and building blocks start at a few gold. Higher level Dimensions and furnishings can reach prices of 100 plat or more. Some Dimension objects can also be purchased with Sourcestone and at the artifact Lucky Coin vendor. Trion’s working on having Dimension goodies drop in raids, etc., as well.

A large portion of building blocks used to build actual structures come from crafting. Rugs and flags come from Outfitters, ramps and wooden objects come from Artifacing, and plants come from Foraging. Runecrafters can make decorative tiles. Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths, I assume, will be able to make metallic bits.

Now, a little more on how players will be able to control their Dimensions. There’s a UI window players can bring up, previewed above (click to show full size version), that allows players to control each Dimension name and the permissions. This is also where players can enter Dimensions. Yep– access is just a click away. As many as 200 people can currently visit a Dimension at a time. This number’s subject to change.

It’s also possible to access Dimensions of alts, friends, guildmates, and public Dimensions in this manner. There’s even a random button for joining public Dimensions. Once in another player’s Dimension, it’s possible to build, remove, and place new items if that Dimension’s owner has their permissions set to allow you to do so. When picking up items from another Dimension, they essentially become yours, so builders must be careful about granting the correct public permissions. To access a friend’s Dimension, including an in-game spouse’s, the player must be on your friend’s list.

Public Dimensions have a Reddit-like rating system, where players can recommend and +1 awesome Dimensions. The numbers are then tallied up and given a rank order that players can use to view the list of public Dimensions. This gives players room to explore, seek out other Dimensions, and ideally make new friends in RIFT. The Trion team is currently loving the heck out of this feature, and having fun ping-ponging into random Dimensions and seeing what players have came up with. The sky’s the limit, it seems!

Some of the coolest showcased player Dimensions included a boat, which is shown in the title image. It was built from the ground up using simple boards, etc. Tables were used to decorate the boat’s sides and look like shields. The sails are bedrolls. We also saw some fantastic RP areas, like the one shown to the left. Want your own gorgeous home away from home? Now’s your chance.

When building in Dimensions, the lighting of lamps, candles, etc. adjusts automatically in real time as you move the items. Textures also scale automatically in this manner, which makes objects look natural no matter how you place them. All objects update in real time, so it’s possible to literally move the flooring under players, and have them plummet downward. Luckily, players don’t take falling damage in Dimensions– at least, they won’t when Storm Legion goes live (seems kind of bugged right now on beta).

Finally, some random bits of information:

  • Players can build underwater if there’s water in the environment, but players will need water breathing potions if they plan on staying underwater long.
  • There are a few questgivers in Dimensions, mostly related to teaching players how to build, etc. There’s a Guild quest giver in Guild Dimensions.
  • Players can duel in Dimensions, but currently there’s no way to introduce enemy mobs.
  • Players can’t currently summon all of their pets in their Dimension, but the tech is definitely there for similar requests. The team plans on adding new features like this quite frequently.
  • It’s not possible to build your own crafting stations and training dummies, etc., since Trion wants to ensure players still populate the main cities.
  • Armor, weapons, etc., can’t currently be displayed, but this is definitely a future addition Trion wants to make.
  • Dimension boundaries are kind of like invisible walls.
  • Sitting in chairs is definitely on the team’s radar, but due to the size adjustment mechanics in Dimensions, the feature won’t be available anytime soon. It is possible to create ground-based seating arrangements, however, thanks to the random piles of furs and other objects of that nature.

The best news? All this stuff is currently accessible on beta, and the NDA is gone, so have fun, folks!