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Dragon Triple Threat Tequatl, The Shatterer, and Jormag World Dragons

By on Oct 22, 2012 at 7:56 pm, in Article, GW2  |  Comments: 5 comments

Well who doesn’t love a dragon? Well how about three? For your viewing pleasure I went for a quick tour of the three dragons you can encounter in Guild Wars 2. Now you do have a 4th dragon Zhaitan but he can only be faced inside of the last dungeon. A quick rundown on the 3 dragons in the world are not elders.

The Shatterer is a rank given to a lieutenant and champion of Kralkatorrik. At any given time, there’s only a single dragon of this rank. Once a Shatterer dies, the title moves on to a different dragon. He doesn’t really have a good story he is the first dragon you face in  Blazeridege Steps . Visually impressive it stops just about there. He is a ridiculously easy dragon to kill can be done with 10 people. Use the siege weapons kill his adds and avoid his air phase rain down.

Tequatl is the same species undead dragon as Zhaitan but is merely a minion of Zhaitan. A Tequatl like dragon Blightghast you see in your personal story around level 30. You will get to deal with Tequatl in Sparkfly Fen Southwest corner on the beach. He is the second world dragon you face and not a very hard encounter as long as you follow dragon 101.

Next Is Jormag the Claw a ice cragon found in Shiverpeak Mountains. People thought Jormag the Claw was actually the same Jormag elder dragon it’s not. It’s actually his herald and actually what the name implies merely his “claw”. Which leave you to wonder how super bad big the real Jormag and where he is even hiding that is big. Jormag the claw is a long endurance fight drop his shield damage him repeat. With that said once you do a few rounds of it you got it and he’s going down.

Zhaitan does count as 4th dragon but he is in the final Arah dungeon. The very last one you do at 80. And in his current state he is broken and doesn’t fight back much when you get to him. Arena net already said they are working on it and the rewards from that dungeon.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the dragons. Are they simply too easy? Maybe they are that is a little sad. I think so as imposing as they appeared they went down without much fight. I would prefer they have one shot the raid ability it would stop the mindless lemming it down fighting. I love the game and the look on the dragons I think Arena Net could maybe sharpen those talons a bit. It could just be the warrior in me wanting more than visually impressive loot piñata.

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    I agree. The article had decent information but was almost unreadable. They teach better grammar and punctuation than that in grade school. Doesn’t this site have some kind of minimum qualification for it’s submitters?

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    That article gave me a brain tumor.

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    Glad the grammar nazi’s are alive and well