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Storm Legion Raid Preview: Endless Eclipse

By on Oct 24, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

It was Storm Legion’s second beta test last weekend, and RiftJunkies was there to get the inside scoop! We joined Community Manager James Nichols, better known to us as Elrar, for a tour of some of the new zones, raids, dungeons, and Dimensions.

Regulos is one creepy dude. We already kind of knew that, of course: players meet him for the first time within their first few levels when he heralds the end of the world. But once you enter Chez Regulos inside the new Endless Eclipse raid you quickly realize you’re dealing with the dragon god of Death on a whole different scale.

For one thing, his lair seems to be alive. Structures look disturbingly organic inside Endless Eclipse and kind of moist. The walls pulse as though they’re breathing and strange tubes distribute… something. The enemies inside Endless Eclipse are all new models and look quite at home in their eerie environment.

It appears as though the first boss in Endless Eclipse will be Progenitor Saetos, shown to the right, who patrols a giant spiral staircase in the middle of the Regulos Raid Lab. Surrounded by a room full of mobs, Saetos had just over 12 million HP in the beta version, and although of course that number is subject to change in the future clearly this is going to be a major fight.

We then jumped forward to a boss later in the raid, a large and unpleasant looking fellow named Dread Lord Goloch. He stood alone guarding a giant portal in what was (likely temporarily!) named the “Regulous Raid Death Chamber”. For the purposes of the tour we were able to simply walk past him though the airlock. It lead out to an area that we saw briefly during the PAX livestreams, which was then labelled “The Fall of Regulos”.

The platform looks even more alien in person. Weird structures float around it menacingly in the distance, and there is a giant unsettling bottomless hole in the middle of the platform where, Elrar confirmed, Regulos will be waiting for players. “Regulos has found a way to pierce the ward, and has begun flooding back out into Telara through here.” ┬áSounds like just the problem for a band of 20 battle-hardened players!

Endless Eclipse will be the second raid available in Storm Legion, although reportedly still grouped in the first expansion armor tier along with launch raid Frozen Tempest. Along with this news comes our first hint of content after Storm Legion — apparently patch 2.1, which includes Endless Eclipse, is scheduled to arrive a month after the expansion launches. That’s an ambitious content schedule, as always.

Endless Eclipse fits perfectly in the general Storm Legion theme of “evil is rising”. Assuming that as much effort went into the encounter design as clearly went into the zone design, raiders should be in for a treat.

  • Dakawonn

    I love how dark and epic this feels.