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Storm Legion Beta Video – Volan in Action

By on Nov 10, 2012 at 9:00 am, in RIFT, Videos  |  Comments: 9 comments

During the final Storm Legion beta weekend, Volan, the massive, tech-influenced colossus that was first previewed months ago during E3 came out to show players just how dangerous he is. If you didn’t get a chance to take part in the fight yourself, one of our new Rift Junkies video gurus, SilentStorm, captured an impromptu video of Volan causing quite a bit of death and destruction all around. The fight definitely took those who stumbled upon it by surprise!

Keep reading to watch to the video.

Stay tuned in the coming days for SilentStorm’s Storm Legion video tours.

  • David

    Nice encounter, but the video is appauling, the guy just keeps dying and commentary is just boring, should of used the e3 livestream

  • Noshei

    Here is my own video of this encounter, it was taken during Extra Life when Elrar was showing off the encounter on the Live Stream.

  • Hippo

    ROFL this guy’s videos are horrendous. Why would you want to watch a video with back peddling, clicking every ability possible (lol @ no keybinds), horrible commentary (he obviously has no clue what he’s doing), and a plethora of deaths…

    It’s like Rift Junkies is now officially the home of people who have no idea what Rift is. It’s a conglomeration of individuals who went full retard. Stop “hiring” people who play this game casually and actually find people who know what the fuck they’re doing and/or have actually progressed int his game both PVE and PVP.

    • Silentstorm

      Look me up on the forums I’ll show you progression. Shouldn’t be so fast I’m max pvp/pve and PA. Also a official tester for the game since the very first friends and family. But hey like I said feel free to look me up I’ll be glad to show whose the novice.

  • Sharogy

    Seatin put up a video of Volan the other day, its at least 3x as good as this one!

  • Silentstorm

    Didnt know we were supposed to be doing comedy central lol? I could of put up a perfect run but that isn’t realistic. It was my first time there and underlvl’d. I showed the deaths for a reason one was clearly a bug I also showed trion. Which they actually fixed when they seen the vid. The other basically I took one for the team as you can see. But I guess you can throw up some unrealistic videos and explain nothing. If that is what your into ofcourse.

  • Silentstorm

    Didn’t know we needed to have death comedy jam really?
    Between I left both deaths in to show 1st one was a bug. That I actually had
    GM’s look at and fix. Second death was giving an example of what happens when
    you fall short. Hippo is kind of a troll and between I’m an official forum
    mainstay tons of videos. Considered actually one of the best doesn’t really
    matter if you believe it how it is. What I find more amusing is I watched the
    other guys videos and they don’t even have any personality sigh….And I’m the
    boring one wow I guess college professor style is in these days.

    • Silentstorm

      Also again like we said it wasn’t planned I was mapping the zone. And I was lvl 52 taking on a lvl 60 raid boss for the first time. Not knowing the fight or ever what was going on. I died twice once to bug and once to figuring out what to do lol. Obviously I’m not going to be able to take a hit at 52. Your linking videos of people who had whole raids and lvl 60. I had 7 people we did surprisingly well even got a official response on that fact.

  • RiddlerN

    I love Silent’s vids he always shows the real unscripted side of things. And he is right by the way that first death was a bug he was NOWHERE near the beam. The second death was kinda wonky as well a bad bounce. You noobs complaining he was lvl 52 doing that.

    If you actually watched the vid he was the only one actually DOING the fight right. Let’s see what you guys do in a raid fight you have no business in. Bet you die way more and not even do anything productive.

    After watching the other vids again Silent is right those guys are boring. They don’t even look comfortable recording or have any personality to think of. What Rift Junkies really should do is ban the trolls here. You guys complain about everything and mainly have nothing to show for yourselves.