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Getting Started with Dimensions – A Guide

By on Nov 14, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 19 comments

Dimensions are, without a doubt, one of the coolest features in Storm Legion. Leveling’s definitely important for the moment, but hey– style is important, too! Just in case you want to get your style on and build your own slice of Telara, here’s a guide to help you get started. This guide’s focus will be on dimension building from a beginner’s point of view. Stay tuned for more advanced guides later down the road.

First things first– grabbing your first dimension. RIFT’s dimension system is very intuitive, luckily, and there are two ways to gain your first dimension. You can either simply purchase a key from any of the dimension vendors (so far they seem to be in Meridian/Sanctum, Argent Glade/King’s Retreat and most major towns and cities of Storm Legion), or start the beginning dimension quest chain, which can be obtained in Meridian/Sanctum. The introduction quest series is a nice way to get a feel for how to go about building in your dimension, and also gives you a starter pack of goodies to play with.


Getting Started– Quests and Tips

For the sake of this guide, I’m going to be starting off with the introduction quest line, which can be completed by low level characters or high level characters. I’ll be focusing on the Guardian quests, but the Defiant versions should be quite similar– just substitute King’s Retreat for Argent Glade where necessary.

Quest: Dimensional Awareness

  • Speak with Toia Hejme in Argent Glade

Quest: Your First Small Dimension

  • Speak with Toia Hejme in Argent Glade

This grants you a free key to the first Dimension– Key to Dimension: Sanguine Shores.

Quest: Placing Dimension Items

  • Speak with Gartyn Hejme in your dimension

This grants you a bag with 8 starting goodies. To enter your dimension, right click the key in your bags, then go to Social -> Dimensions (default beybinding as “[“). Once at the menu screen, go under “Mine”, which will show up at the top, and click the key, which is your current active dimension. Boom, quick travel times!

Once there, open up your bag, and drag and drop the Gartyn’s Amphora item anywhere in the environment to summon the questgiver. This is how you’ll place all your items. Once the item’s dragged out of your bags, the item will show as a preview under your cursor. Place it anywhere of your choice.

Quest: Removing Dimension Items

  • Pick up Gartyn’s Amphora from your dimension. [Make sure you’re in Edit Mode, select the Amphora, then press ‘Pick Up’.]
  • Leave your dimension using the ‘Leave’ button, and return Gartyn’s Amphora to Toia Hejme in Argent Glade

Here’s the first little tutorial on picking up objects. Click the giant wrench in the center of the dimension UI module, shown above. Also on the central dimension frame is a button for upgrading your dimension (bottom left), a button to quickly access the list of all current items placed in your dimension (top left), a button for leaving the dimension (top right) and the dimension’s Recommendation score (bottom right), which is basically a tally of +1s that players can reward towards their favorite dimensions.

Clicking the wrench button replaces your normal combat action bars with the different building modes, which are shown and explained below. They can be switched between using the numbers below them.


Key 1XYZ Mode:
XYZ mode allows you to drag an object in three dimensions by selecting one of the arrow manipulators. Click and drag the green arrow to move an object up/down, and the red and blue arrows to move north/south and east/west.

Key 2Rotate Mode:
Rotate mode allows you to rotate a Dimension Item by Pitch, Yaw, and Roll. This is how to angle items. You can flip them upside down and twist them at angles. Same concept– click and drag one of the colored wheels to move the object along that path.

Key 3Scale Mode:
Scale mode allows you to scale a Dimension Item by dragging the red manipulator in and out. Makes objects smaller or larger. Clicking and dragging the red bar and moving it in or out adjusts its scale.


Key 4Place:
Place mode is similar to ground target mode and allows you to quickly place an object by moving your mouse around. Lets you place a new object, or move an object with your mouse again.

Key 5Pick Up:
Pick Up returns the selected Dimension Item to the item owner’s inventory.


This ends the NPC involvement. After turning in the quest, you get a little jar to use for decorating your dimension.

And the next UI element to go over– the “Dimensions” menu screen:

From the Dimensions menu screen, you can join/switch your own dimensions, join dimensions of friends, alts, guildmates, and public dimensions. You can also rename your dimensions and set the permissions. The permissions screen, shown below, is relatively simple– if you want people to be able to move stuff in your dimension, check “Move”, and the same goes for the Place and Pick Up options. “Pick Up” allows players to place the items in their bags, so be careful about how you alter permissions. By default, Move/Place/Pick Up are turned off for everyone except you and your alts.

Your alts automatically have access to your main’s dimension, which is a great way for players to explore all the crafting options offered for furnishing dimensions.

If you choose to make a new dimension active, you’ll get a warning that any items you’ve placed will be packed up, allowing you to replace everything and use the same items again. This places everything in the Dimension Items window, which is the left-most smaller button on the central Dimension UI frame.

If you take a look at the Dimension Items window, you’ll also see that all items go here after they’re placed in your dimension. This allows you to easily find, access, and remove items without having to hunt them down. From this window you can also easily place items once they’re stored there.

As you have fun exploring all the possibilities of dimensions, remember there are a few other useful keybinds as well. There’s also a handy little “Help” menu on the UI frame that lets you see these keybinds:

  • Escape is like an undo function, but you can only undo one step in this fashion.
  • Shift-click moves and rotates multiple items at once.
  • Control D lets you duplicate something as it appears. This only works if the player already has the extra items in their bag.
  • Control and Mousewheeel works as an alternative method of controlling while in the various item edit modes, and provides a bit of extra functionality. In XYZ mode, this moves the object up and down. In Rotate mode as well as Place mode, the object will rotate around the Y-axis. In Scale, the object will be scaled up and down.

For fans of addons, there are also a few dimension-specific addons currently in development.


Starter Vendor Items and Crafting Options

Finally, here’s a list of all of the current items available for purchase off the starting dimension vendors (higher level vendors have additional items), and a list of crafting recipes that are sold by vendors in Meridian/Sanctum and can be purchased using Artisan’s Marks.

Starter Vendor Items (all cost a few gold except for the key):

Building Block: Wood Plank, Building Block: Stone Tile, Empty Bucket, Round Tribal Table, Green-Cushioned Stool, Standing Torch, Evergreen Shrub, Round Grey Boulder, Red Book, Burlap Sack, Sapling, Orange Corked Jug, Key to Dimension: Faen’s Retreat (costs 150 plat)


Crafting Recipes by Tradeskill (including crafting materials needed):

Green Potion Bottle [Set of Gilded Bottles, Krakenweed Stems (2), Yew Timber], Potionmaker’s Cabinet [Set of Gilded Bottles, Ashwood Timber (3)], Red Velvet Chair [Composite Cloth, Kingswood Log (2)], End Table [Runebirth Log (3)]

Building Bloc: Stone Plank [Tin Ore (3), Unstable Flux], Building Block: Stone Cube [Chromite Ore (3), Stable Flux], Building Block: Stone Pole [Minor Flux, Cobalt Ore (3)], Building Block: Stone Rectangle [Major Flux, Carmintium Ore (3)]

Building Block: Wood Cube [Yew Plank (3)], Building Block: Wood Tile [Ashwood Plank (3), Light Varnish], Building Block: Wood Pole [Light Varnish, Kingswood Log (3)], Building Block: Wood Rectangle [Heavy Lacquer, Sagebrush Timber (3)]

Sheep Rib Cage [Cracked Rib (3)], Bearskin Rug [Medium Hide (3)], Pile of Fox Furs [Heavy Hide (3)], Bed with Furs [Kingswood Log (2), Exotic Hide (2)]

Wood Crate [Yew Plank (3)], Alabaster Amphora [Light Varnish, Chromite Ore (3)], Fish and Barrel [Blenny (3), Oak Lumber], Seascape Amphora [Heavy Lacquer, Cobalt Ore (2)]

Lichen-covered Boulder [Tin Ore (3)], Pickaxe Rack [Mahogany Lumber, Iron Bar (2)], Tall Boulder [Cobalt Ore (3)], Mining Cart with Ore [Platinum Ore (2), Sagebrush Lumber (2)]

Dry Scrub [Creeperbrush Roots (2), Yew Timber (2)], Little Pine [Ashwood Timber (2), Razorbrush Leaves (2)], Blue Jungle Flowers [Coastal Glory (2), Roc Orchid Petals (2)], Pink Ground Cover [Bloodshade Petals (3), Wyvernspurr Stems]

Sun Print Cloth [Bolt of Burlap, Cotton Cloth], Dwarven Bed [Fine Thread, Bolt of Wool, Linen Cloth], Rune Print Cloth [Bolt of Silk, Linen Cloth], Kelari Bed Bolt of Composite Cloth, Gilded Thread, Spellspun Silk]

Building Block: Greystone Tile [Flickering Powder, Copper Ore (2)], Building Block: Greenstone Tile [Flickering Powder, Copper Ore (3)], Building Block: Greystone Rectangle [Flickering Shard, Titanium Ore (2)], Building Block: Greenstone Rectangle [Flickering Shard, Titanium Ore (3)]

Rolled Bedroll [Burlap Cloth (3)], Barrel of Apples [Ashwood Timber (3), Striped Pome (2)], Kitchen Knife [Steel Bar, Mahogany Log], Basket of Carrots [Runewoven Cord, Mixed Vegetables, Drakefoot Stems (3)]

Building Block: Metal Plank [Bronze Bar (2)], Building Block: Metal Cube [Steel Bar (2)], Building Block: Metal Tile [Cobalt Bar (4)], Building Block: Metal Rectangle [Darkmetal Bar (2)]

  • Tophir

    I still don’t fully understand the “Upgrade” button on the Dimension UI. I’m assuming it increases how man items you can have in your dimension or maybe in your inventory? I’m not sure what resources it uses tho to upgrade. I had no items that I purchased but I was able to upgrade from 0/100 to 0/400. I didn’t see my plat get spent so I’m just curious what the upgrade cost/added value is.

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Yeah, how many items you can place. And it does cost money, but the first few ranks are just a few gold each, so you probably didn’t notice a change in your total plat. At some point I’ll probably make a list of the exact costs.

      • TheStylishRadish

        Hey Laura – Trion updated the costs for upgrading dimensions. The first level of the starter dimesions now cost 5 platinum and rapidly increases from there. From memory going from level 3 to level 4 costs 50 platinum in Sanguine Shores or Warden’s point.

        • Laura Hardgrave

          Ooh, okay, good to know!

  • GJ

    Awesome, thanks for all of this info.

  • Sahrimud Aarsifeld

    i tested dimensions on this open beta…veredict? awesome, cant wait for build my own dimensions and guild dimensions ofc

    Trion, need more mats, more textures, and more more more!

  • PK

    Ok, noob’ish question, but how do we get a dimention to personalize? or is the tiny starting point from the initial quest the only one we can have? Someone said you can buy them? But the engineer only has one at 200 plat … I don’t think I’ve had 200 plat the whole time in the game so it is priced way out of reach?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Other than the free starting one, most do seem to come with a cost. There are some sold in Tempest Bay too. That’ll be my next installment. :D

  • CrucialCausality

    I like that some dork came in here and voted everyone -1 for no reason.

  • Snichy

    Is there any advantage to having a dimension other than customisation. Do you earn rested experience whilst there? Can you chose different locations to exit to? Can you install vendors/trainers that you can sell trash or buy pots?

  • Krukar

    Most expensive dimension key for personal dimension you can buy is 1500 plat i think (the one from ember isle), so the 200 plat one is still relatively cheap. :) The big guild dimensions cost 9000 plat.

  • Letterj Doe

    Really loving the housing feature. Why dosn’t every MMO do this? This is amazing fun! :D
    I really hope Trion evolves the idea further. Could you imagine player made dungeon dimensions?!?
    Like a house + your own mazes/dungeon/story that people could get involved with? That would be fantastic…
    Sorry, getting distracted. This is just the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to see how this housing gets more complex later on. :)

    Expansion content can wait… I’ll stay in here and decorate some more. :P

  • mike

    What is the purpose? Looks like my daughters “Barbie and her magical house” game.

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  • nico

    i abandoned the first quest you get about this, and now i am not able to get the quest again? how can i fix this, please help

  • McHappyNuggetMealToy

    How do u get water in your dimension

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Lakes and stuff? Some of them naturally have bodies of water. Each dimension has its own “setting” where it’s taken from, so some will have lakes, streams, and others will have little huts, trees, hills, etc.

  • Alyson Hilke

    i cant find toia hejme.. where exactly in the city is she?

  • Ashley

    Can you expand the dimension? like I just bought the breach chamber can I expand it so I can go past the boundaries it has initially set?