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STORM LEGION 1-50 Leveling Techniques

By on Nov 28, 2012 at 11:20 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 8 comments

Many of you may be returning to RIFT, maybe many of you are starting up for the first time, or maybe you’re just leveling an alt. In any case, you’re probably trying to catch up with some friends and are eager to dive into the new Storm Legion content. This video and guide is probably the fastest and best way to hit level 50 in the fastest time possible. Keep reading and we’ll give you the low down on what you need to do.

The game has changed quite a bit since the game launched and questing is out as the preferred method for speed leveling. Instant Adventures have given the game a whole new angle on things; but that is not what helps you level the fastest! We’re going old school in this tutorial with some straight up mob grinding.

This whole theory hinges on that you can get your hands on some veteran experience vials. These vials give you a 100% boost to experience pre-50 from mob kills which means you earn double the experience when you kill something. Once you get your vials stocked, you need to head out to the undead farm in Freemarch (see maps to the right). Now you have to de-level yourself to level 14 or so. You’ll be fighting NPCs that are approximately level 12.

There are two ways to de-level yourself; right click on your portrait and mentor yourself down to level 14 or join a Freemarch Instant Adventure and you’ll be there. Load up your best AOE farming spec and go to town.

This guide was done with a cleric using a Defiler spec, but any class and spec that can handle 5-10 NPCs at once will work just fine.

For those who are doing this, you might have to take a break and do some dungeons or Instant Adventures for gear so once you are high enough, your de-leveled stats are good enough for this.

The farm is loaded with mostly melee mobs and a few casters and is mostly densely populated. If you can find a better location, please share in these comments. However the relatively low hitpoints of level 14 mobs makes this ideal. The higher level you get, the easier things become.

Once you have that all straightened away, you’ll be melting faces in no time. At level 48, you can expect to get about 850 experience per kill and you’ll be killing 5-10 mobs at once. For comparison sake, you are gaining 2500 experience completing stages in IAs and 4500 or so for finishing them.

The last hint is to do your Random Warfronts every day. At level 49, winning a random warfront netted you 76,000 xp and winning five got me level 49 to 50 in about an hour. However, I did manage to win 5 in a row so this is very faction dependent.

If you really want to game the system as you grind, join up the local IA and let other people complete stages. If you are without scruples you can leech of other folks for a few extra thousand experience every few minutes. Also, when you join up warfronts for the bonus experience, determine quickly if you will win or not (most of the time you can figure this out quickly). If you suspect you will lost, quit and go back to grinding and try again when your desertion debuff wears off.

If you have any way to improve this strategy, leave it in the comments section below.

  • MichelSardou

    Great Job. For a descent farm, meaning switch grind and WF, how many hours for the 50 Ding ? Second point, is this tech ok for 50-60 ?

    • JasonDodge

      Here’s how I hit level 50:
      1-10 – Normal
      10-20 – Those crazy town IAs prior to expansion release.
      20-35ish – Standard IAs
      35-48 This grinding method. I discovered it late.
      48+ Grind + WF

      All in all, I said that it took me approximately 32-35 hours to ding 50. You could probably shave a ton off if I had utilized WFs along the way.

      This may work 50+ I suppose. At 50.5 I was getting 650xp per kill (see the video) while standard lvl 50 SL mobs were giving 2500 per kill. IMO this would only be a valid path if you got a full 100% from the vet vials.

      • MichelSardou

        XP vials above level 50 grant only a +10% XP Buff. Best use is definitly from 1 to 50 stage.

        • JasonDodge


  • Wok Bit

    Thanks for the tips. Very, very useful. This is especially important because I want to start new characters after having five alts as it is.

  • Joshua

    How does one get these vials?

  • Monsanto

    I found that doing a circle at scarred mine, destroying everything in my path easily gave me a bunch of exp. There’s 4 “mini bosses” that also give an extra 500 exp. (set my ascended level and was gettting 1000 exp off of normal mobs) extremely fast respawn rate and low health. off of my 5 pot I leveled from 18-49 in 10 hours, just takes some mental perserverance. Honestly Scarred Mine, best place to grind.

    • Monsanto

      *Set my ascended level to 13