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Kingdom of Pelladane Point of Interest Map

By on Dec 3, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Upon starting out your adventures in Storm Legion, one of the first areas you’ll have access to is the Kingdom of Pelladane, located on the Dusken continent. Dusken is a dark, massive landscape, and Pelladane previews that darkness with quests that are both foreboding in nature yet also hopeful. Crucia’s armies gather in numbers, and her cries can be heard across the zone as she tries to keep her soldiers in check. Luckily, Queen Miela stands strong within the Tuldio Retreat, preparing for war, and doing what she can to slow Crucia’s progress. And that’s where the Ascended come in.

Kingdom of Pelladane is ideal for players around levels 50-53, although the introduction quests can be obtained as low as level 48. The zone is similar to Cape Jule in that it serves as an introduction to Storm Legion. In the main hub of Pelladane, Tuldio Retreat, players will find calling trainers, crafting trainers, a porticulum point, and all types of vendors. This is also where you’ll continue the main story line, grab additional quests, and gain access to a quest that lets you teleport to Tempest Bay, Storm Legion’s main city for both factions.

On the large map below you’ll find porticulum points that are both marked by the green circles on the map and the green-bordered text. Hub locations have blue-bordered text, and other points of interest have black-bordered text. When first entering the zone, Guardian players will start off at Guardian’s Landing, which is where the Guardian porticulum point for Ferric Harbor is located (as shown on map). Defiant players will start out at nearby Defiant’s Beachead, which will have their corresponding porticulum point.

Click on the map below to see the full-size version:

There are three Onslaught locations in Kingdom of Pelladane, located at Mazamar Sourcewell, Aurentine Sourcewell, and Sundred Sourcewell. The daily questgivers for all three are nearby. Most quests are obtained at the starting hubs, Tuldio Retreat, Moriya’s Safehouse, Fort Mazamar, and found randomly at the locations of the other quests.

After completing the area, quests take players to Seratos, which is to the right of Pelladane. Alternatively, Cape Jule and City Core are great options, which can be reached for the first time by traveling back to Iron Pine Peak and going through the Storm Legion portal again.