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New Chronicle: A Hero Rises

By on Dec 14, 2012 at 1:28 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

Along with the return of Conquest, the arrival of Fae Yule, and many, many bug fixes, Wednesday’s patch 2.1 introduced the first Storm Legion Chronicle, called “A Hero Rises”. Feedback from the community so far has been extremely positive about the Chronicle, which seems rich in both lore and rewards.

A Hero Rises is only available to level 60 players. Like previous Chronicles it provides a way to see endgame story lines without stepping foot in a raid. This time, though, the Chronicle acknowledges the existence of the bigger version, with NPCs commenting on how both a small and large force are needed to save the day. As for the story itself, in the Chronicle Crucia launches an attack on Tempest Bay and it’s up to us to save the city. There’s even a pretty major plot twist near the end, but don’t worry, we won’t spoil it.

As with previous Chronicles, A Hero Rises has a number of drops and looks to be a great way for brand new level 60s to get some new gear and items. Most of the armor is upgradable, including some special pieces that can be upgraded to Expert Dungeon level of quality when combined with catalysts from those dungeons. There are also a number of artifacts and achievements associated with A Hero Rises.

Additionally, players have the chance to loot some great new Dimension decorations from the Chronicle bosses. The pieces all seem to be in the theme of magitech and science — if you ever thought about building a mad scientist’s laboratory in your zone, you’ll want these items! Trion promised us that the selection of available Dimension items would rapidly increase once Storm Legion launched, and it’s nice to see them living up to that promise.

There are some bugs in A Hero Rises that can randomly slow down a clear, but according to the official Bug Report Forum fixes are already underway. Those aside, it seems that A Hero Rises is going to be a big hit for new level 60s and folks who love RIFT’s lore.

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