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Seratos Point of Interest Map

By on Dec 24, 2012 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

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Continuing our Dusken and Brevane zone tour and point of interest map collection, Seratos is next on the list, which is the second zone on the Dusken continent. Seratos is one of the largest zones in Storm Legion, and is quite a bit more spread out than its level-equivalent zone on Brevane, which is Eastern Holdings. Seratos is ideal for players starting at around levels 52-56, and unless you’re doing quite a few dungeons and Instant Adventures while leveling, it might be advisable around this point to begin questing on both continents if you haven’t already been doing so.

Seratos lives up to Dusken’s dusk-colored reputation, and takes players on a questing journey that’s dark, death-themed (purple galore!), and a little exploratory in nature. While Eastern Holdings has a more prominent story quest line to follow, adventuring through Seratos does follow a central story, but the story paths are more spread out, letting players explore the gloomy countryside and take part in plenty of Carnages and Onslaughts along the way.

Necropolis is the main hub of Seratos, and it opens up a little ways into the zone’s story. The Necropolis Caretakers faction quartermaster is in Necropolis, near the east edge. This is also where you’ll turn in some of the crafting dailies. For dimension enthusiasts, Caretakers has a solid selection of all things creepy and bony. Just in case, you know, you ever wanted to turn your dimension into something mirroring a horror flick (or Seratos).

Click on the map below to see the full-size version:

seratos map

There are four porticulum points which are marked by the green circles on the map as well as the green-bordered text. Hub locations with quests and vendors have blue-bordered text or are located at the corresponding porticulum point. In Necropolis, there’s also a teleportaion device that leads you to Pus Swamp that is opened after completing the story quest in that area. That transportation device takes you to the area marked on the map as a yellow circle named “Teleport.”

We’ve done something a little different with Onslaught areas this time around, since some of Seratos’ are actually off the map’s radar and easy to miss. There are four Onsluaght areas in Seratos, and they’re marked by the blue circles. The first one’s located near The Eternal Assault, the second’s in Pus Swamp, the third is way out on the far end of The Fetid Plains, and the final is north of Behemoth Graveyard.

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