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Dimension Spotlight: Aerial Storm Castle

By on Dec 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in Article, Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

castle title

Before Storm Legion launched, every RIFT enthusiast knew dimensions would be a big hit. Even non-RIFT players couldn’t help but be envious of the seemingly-unlimited potential for the housing system Trion came up with. We all knew we’d see some fantastic dimension creations from the playerbase. But all it takes is a brief tour on our shards right now to see that players kind of went beyond fantastic. Spectacular might be a better word. Everyone from the most casual of players to artists and professional designers are getting in on the dimension-building craze, and the amount of creative talent shows.

As we celebrate the huge hit that dimensions are in RIFT, we’re going to be showcasing a different dimension each week, and giving folks a tour of sorts via screenshots. Our comments section is currently undergoing a bit of tech maintenance as you may have noticed, but once that’s fixed, we’ll be asking our readers for ideas on which awesome dimensions out there we should visit!

In the meantime, the dimension spotlight this week shines down on a certain dimension on Greybriar called “Aerial Storm Castle.” The dimension’s creator, Gabriael, has created an awesome storm-infused castle out above the open waters of Shoreward Island.

Here are some gorgeous screenshots of the dimension:

Be sure and make this place a must-visit if you happen to have a character on Greybriar! As a hint, when you first enter, run down the hill and toward the west edge of the water. The castle’s a little ways from the entry point.