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Patch Notes PTS In-Progress 2.2 Set #1

By on Jan 18, 2013 at 2:05 pm, in News, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

RJ Patch Notes

Some of the below notes may already be present on Live shards – these haven’t gotten a final edit but I went for speed since there are class changes included that are now on PTS.


* Cache Finder guild perk now works with Infinity Stones, Frozen Eclipse Stones, and Empyrean Stones.
* Dimensions: Using ‘Duplicate’ to place Dimension items will now use objects in your storage crate before those in your inventory.
* Augment Wardstone and Bless Wardstone abilities have been replaced by Nexus Infusion, which is now granted to all characters. Wardstones that were previously upgraded using these abilities now work with Nexus Infusion instead.
* Characters now start with a skill of 1 in Fishing and Survival. Existing characters who don’t already have these skills will gain the base 1 point on next login.
* Racial Abilities: Dwarven racial ability, Density, has been removed. Replaced with Second Breakfast – Restores 8% health and mana per second over 13 seconds.
* All Spell and Melee Critical Hit Chance items have gotten an upgrade.
* Increased kill counts for guild PvP quests, but reduced the number of Warfront victories required.
* Fixed an issue with guild renaming and guild dimension names.
* Randomly-generated items of the ‘Wraithful’ type are now named Wrathful.

* Channeled abilities that allow movement while casting now act more predictably when fighting large-scaled enemies, such as High Priest Arakhurn.
* Planar Attunement: Safe Fall PAs have been replaced with Planar Enhancement – increases Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Endurance by 2.


* Fae Dispersion: Removed from the Greater Faerie Healer and Greater Faerie Seer. Now a Soul Tree root ability at 24 points. Acts as a toggle and is not affected by global cooldown. Reduces the Greater Faerie Seer’s damage dealt by 40% but causes them to effect up to 5 targets. Reduces the Greater Faerie Healer’s healing done by 40%, but causes them to hit up to 5 party or raid members.

* Marked by the Light: No longer removed by logging out.

* Cold Blooded: Now increases all damage by 3-6%.
* Glacial Strike: Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
* Lightning Hammer, Frozen Wrath: Now have a 30 meter range.


* Living Aegis: No longer claims it should generate Charge when it does not.

* Elemental Forces: Will no longer consume Cycle buffs when cast.
* Ignite: Increased duration of the damage over time effect to 16 seconds.
* Ashen Armor: The pet buff from this now lasts 16 seconds.

* The tooltips for Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon, and Reaper’s Blade now list these abilities as self-buffs instead of just buffs.
* Fury of the Ascended, Holy Champion, and Anti-Planar Augmentation will no longer consume Eldritch Armor procs.
* Rending Slash: Damage increased. The debuff from Rending Slash now increases damage from the Mage by 3% per stack.

* Possession, if used with a Skeletal Zealot pet active, will now transform the caster into the newer Greater Skeletal Zealot model.
* Increased damage of abilities granted by Possession.

* Fireball: Now has a base chance of 40% to proc Combust on enemies.
* Improved Combustion: Increases the chance for Fireball to proc Combust by 20-60%.
* Pyromancer’s Aegis: Can now proc an additional Fireball once every 4 seconds, instead of every 5.

* Defile: Reduced rate of Charge consumption.
* Salvage Corruption, Deathly Pall: Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
* Consuming Agony – New Ability: Deals Death damage. Damage is increased by 20% for each of the caster’s Death-based damage over time effects on the target. 4 second casting time, 10 second cooldown. 48-point root ability.


* Poison Malice: Fixed a tooltip bug where the damage value of the ability and its effect tooltip did not match.
* Poison Mastery: Now increases weapon damage and attack power of the Rogue’s poison-coated weapons, and increases the chance to apply poison by 6-30% (up from 5-25%).
* Expose Weakness: Now increases Physical damage taken from the Rogue by up to the specified damage. No longer has a limit on the number of times this can occur.
* Stealth should now break from any damaging attacks.

* Contra Tempo: Increases the weapon damage and attack power contribution to the Rogue’s offhand attacks by 6-30%, up from 5-25%.

* Static Shock Munitions: Now increases damage dealt by 12%, up from 6%.
* Silver Tip Munitions: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 4% per stack, up from 3%.

* Smoldering Blades: Fixed a tooltip bug where the damage value of the ability and its effect tooltip did not match.
* Ignited Weapons: Now causes the target to burn for 75-150% of your weapon damage over 4 seconds, up from 50-100%.
* Ebon Blades: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 4% per stack, up from 3%.
* Stealth should now break from any damaging attacks.

* Twin Shot: Damage increased.


* Calliope’s Beastmaster Crystal: Fixed tooltip that inaccurately showed the effect increasing Strength rather than Attack Power.
* Call of Kinship: The heal over time effect for ranks 1-7 now has a maximum stack size of 1.
* Call of Kinship: Rank 5 now properly displays the duration increase from Hunt Master.

* Reaper’s Bearing: No longer has an internal cooldown.
* Juggernaut’s Bearing: Fixed a bug where the damage reduction from a max Juggernaut’s Bearing was displaying 2.5% instead of 4%.
* Deadly Strikes: All Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target’s armor.
* Berserker: On a successful hit, the Warrior has a 20% chance to increase Strength by 5-25% for 15 seconds, down from 7-35%.
* Savage Sweep: The bleed effect from Savage Sweep now ignores armor.
* Chains of Death: Damage increased.
* Thunderous Strike: Affected enemies now take 10-30% more AoE damage from the Warrior, up from 5-25%.
* Dominating Bearing: Now also increases damage dealt by 10%.

* Shield Charge: Can now critically hit.

* Weapon Familiarity: Now increases your attack power and weapon damage by 2-10%, up from 1-5%. Now stacks with Amped.
* Combat Precision: All non-Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target’s Armor.
* Open the Stream: Damage of the bleed effect has been increased.
* Analyze Weakness: Swift Strike, Reaping Harvest, Setting Moon, and Flurry now ignore 10-20% of the target’s Armor, up from 7-15%.
* Precise Strikes: Increases damage of Swift Strike, Reaping Harvest, Setting Moon, and Flurry by 10-20%.
* Flowing Strikes: Now lasts for 15 seconds, up from 6.
* Improved Flowing Strikes: Functionality changed. Now increases damage by 3-6% when Flowing Strikes is triggered.
* Strike Like Iron: Now increases damage dealt by 5-30% for 15 seconds based on the number of Attack Points consumed.

* Surging Energy: Grants a 15-30% chance that the power cost of your next builder is reduced by 25% on a successful hit, up from a 10-25% chance.
* Scald: Fixed a bug where Scald was being boosted more than expected from damage buffs. Damage has been increased to 20-100% of attack power based on Attack Points used, up from 15-90%.
* Burst Capacitor: Fixed Burst Capacitor increasing the damage of all Warrior abilities, instead of only Bursts and Scald.
* Enhanced Burst: Now increases the damage of all non-Physical attacks.
* Elemental Caress: Also increases all damage by 2-4%.
* Burst Synergy: Now increases the damage of the next 3 Burst abilities by 35%, up from 25%. Buff now lasts up to 30 seconds.
* Elemental Touch: Now deals an additional 15% of your attack power as Air damage.
* Intensify: Now also increases Critical Hit Chance by 2-6%.
* Blade of the Ascended: Also increases overall damage by 20%.
* Icy Burst: Damage increased.
* Fiery Burst: Fixed a bug where Fiery Boost was being boosted more than expected from damage buffs. Base damage increased.
* Frost Strike: Damage has been increased. Now also causes the target to take 10% more damage from your elemental strikes, up from 3%.
* Rift Strike: Damage increased, duration now 20 seconds.
* Rift Implosion: Damage increased.
* Avatar of Flame: Fixed a bug causing Avatar of Flame to not deal the correct amount of damage.
* Elemental Precision: All non-Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target’s Resist.
* Stonespear: Functionality changed – now an interrupt with an 8 second cooldown.
* All Riftblade Spear abilities are now tagged as single-target attacks and not AoE. As such, they won’t gain bonuses to general AoE attacks.

* Amped: Now increases your attack power and weapon damage by 2-10%, up from 1-5%. Now stacks with Weapon Familiarity.
* Enhanced Power: Now increases the damage of all non-Physical attacks by 2-10%.
* Increased Voltage: Also increases Critical Hit Chance by 2-6%.
* Empower: Now increases the damage of all ranged attacks by 10%.
* Grounded: Functionality changed. Now deals an additional 3-9% damage with ranged attacks while standing still, and increases the damage of all Tempest abilities by 4-12%.
* Oscillation: Fixed Oscillation only benefiting ranged builders instead of all builders.
* Discharged Defenses: Fixed a bug where hitting with Skyfall causes the Warrior’s attacks to bypass 5-10% of the target’s Armor and Resist, instead of 3-6%.
* Ionized Discharge: Now also increases the damage of Blasts and Chain Pulse by 2-10%.
* Cyclonic Fury: Functionality changed. Now increases attack power and weapon damage contribution to ranged attacks by 3-9%.
* Magnified Charge: No longer increases the damage bonus on Electricity Cascade. Now properly increases the amount Jolt heals.
* Electricity Cascade: No longer causes the target to take more damage from the Warrior. Instead, increases the Warrior’s damage by 5% per attack point used.
* Charged Pulse: Damage increased.
* Lightning Torrent: Now has a chance to trigger Storm Blade or any other procs on each interval.
* Safe Fall: Replaced with Elude. Elude causes the Warrior to jump backwards 20 meters and removes all crowd control effects. 60 second cooldown.

* Reckless Strike: Now tagged correctly as a Physical attack and no longer gains any non-Physical damage bonuses.
* Rift Shield: The absorbed amount from consumed Pacts now scales properly with Attack Power.
* Energy Retention: Fixed the duration bonus being greater than specified on Accord of Resilience, Accord of Shifting, and Accord of the Rift.

* Calliope’s Warlord Crystal: 2 piece bonus: Functionality changed – using a Warlord builder increases Strength by 120 for 30 seconds.

* Ashora and Eternal City Onslaught questgivers should now be friendly and always remain interactable for turning in Dailies.
* Onslaught Fire Invasions will no longer attack their own footholds.

* Auditorium Carnos: The Arenamaster will no longer shout to all of Ardent Domain, but just the area of the Auditorium.
* IA: Girakh the Crazed’s level now matches that of the adventure.

* Dust Devils: Made this quest more friendly to groups working together. The cyclonic devolver is no longer aggro to players of the opposite faction.

* Rare spawn NPCs in Cape Jule that were not displaying a diamond icon on their portrait now do so.
* The Son of Auram NPC will no longer attempt to pose like a scarecrow.
* IA: Stopped the Kelrath Onslaught IA boss, Titan of the Deep, from becoming invulnerable at 50%
* IA: Moved an Empowered Shahrokh NPC out from hiding in rocks.

* IA: No Mercy for Mutants: The quest objective text has been updated to display the correct mutants required.

* Batua has bellied up to the bar and you should have less difficulty getting your drink on for the quest ‘I Love You, Man!”

* Now’s the Time: Beastlord Terrik can no longer be crowd controlled during this quest event.
* Carnage: Fierce Creatures: Corrected the map locator.


* Hands Free Spree achievement now requires you to be hit 20 or fewer times, instead of 5 or fewer.

* Fixed Leaderboards not updating for Damage and Healing dealt to idols in Port Scion.
* Port Scion: Bosses offer repeatable quests again.
* Conquest: The maximum imbalance allowed between Conquest teams for inviting new people has been reduced.

* Reduced the experience payouts for all 325+ skill crafting daily and weekly quests.

* New audio mix for stormy weather in Steppes of Infinity.
* New and separate notification sounds for successfully salvaging armor and weapons.
* Updated electricity sound effects for Tempest’s Chain Pulse and Electricity Blast hits.

* Item Upgrades: Mousing over the potential upgrade items now shows tooltips comparing the output item to the base item.
* Fixed a display bug with the shard list where it was inaccurate and delayed when shards first start up.