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Attunement of War Tier 2 Previewing on PTS

By on Jan 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

2nd tier pvp pa

A few days ago, Daglar mentioned that the Trion team was unsure about adding a second tier to the PvP Planar Attunement tree (also called Attunement of War) anytime soon. He did state, however, that one of the developers was really pushing for the addition. It seems that developer has come through for PvP players after all, since we now have a second tier previewing on the Public Test Server (PTS).

No announcement has been made at the time of writing this article as to when this tier may reach live servers or if the PA nodes are in their final stage. Keep reading to see a preview of the various nodes.

Note: As always, information on the PTS is subject to change at any time.

Note: For each description, the percentage or stat increase listed is for the full amount of ranks. Divide by the number of ranks to get the amount gained per rank.


So far, there is one ability node in the very center:

Blood Thirsty – 1 rank – 2 hr cooldown, instant cast
Killing a player heals the bearer a percentage of their maximum health over 10 seconds. Cannot be applied more than once every 10 seconds. Lasts 1 hour.


There are three purple “utility” nodes:

Planar Charge – 1 rank
Increases your maximum number of planar charges by 1.

Fleet of Foot – 5 ranks
Increases mounted movement speed by 5%.

Improved Break Free – 3 ranks
Reduces the cooldown time of Break Free by 15 seconds.


There is one green node:

Resilient – 5 ranks
Reduces the chance to be critically hit by players by 5%.


Finally, there are 15 blue stat nodes. The quantity of each type is shown at the front in parenthesis:

(3) Total Defense – 5 ranks
Increases Valor by 15.

(3) Mortal Strike – 5 ranks
Increases Crit Power by 5.

(3) Reinforced Vitality – 5 ranks
Increases Endurance by 5.

(3) Endless Rage – 5 ranks
Increases Vengeance by 15.

(3) Boundless Might – 5 ranks
Increases Strength (your calling’s base stat) by 5.
This one’s name also varies based on your calling.