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The Final Word on the Departure of Falling Damage

By on Jan 28, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

RJ Dev Tracker

In RIFT 2.1’s second hotfix, Trion made a sudden and huge change to how falling damage in RIFT works. Falling damage used to be one of the biggest risks when it came to artifact and cairn hunting, and in the past, the slightest terrain bump sometimes caused us to grumble and Soul Recall. Now? Yeah, not so much. It seems that the Ascended have learned some pretty cool powers after almost two years of thwarting evil dragons.

After the change, Tacitus mentioned that the falling damage change was a sort of live test for Trion, and that they wanted to see how players felt about the lack of cliff-diving deaths before deciding if the change was going to stick around. Daglar made an update over the weekend, and it looks like the ability to leap from tall buildings (and mountains) is here to stay. Keep reading to find out what he had to say.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

Every change that we make to the game has the potential to upset players or please players. That is a reality that we live with every single day. Will this cause people to quit? Will this lower or increase their enjoyment? Will this make the game overall better?

When we looked at falling damage, it wasn’t from the perspective of “Zomgz lets dumb down the game because people will fall and then quit” – it was “Will removing this make the game as a whole more enjoyable for the most amount of people, and does it fit into what RIFT is.”

Well, we pushed it live for its test, and our overall assessment was, “Yes, this makes the game better overall, even if some folks don’t like it”. There are some things to try to sort out like not having a proper sound play when you land, but we felt we could live with that for the time being.

I know some of you are upset; you are entitled to feel upset. However, we still feel this change is good for what RIFT is.

As you can probably tell from Daglar’s reply, a handful of players on the forums weren’t happy with the change and felt as though it made the world less challenging. Other players felt that the old falling damage system was too sensitive (and thus frustrating), and that the new system allows much more freedom.

Personally? I tend to think Trion could have made the change not quite as severe as it is, which would leave us with a little danger, at least. There was a reason I rolled a Dwarf as my main, after all (besides her being cute). But as the saying goes, onwards and upwards. And over cliffs.