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RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #6 – 1/30/13

By on Jan 30, 2013 at 11:38 am, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

RJ Patch Notes

* Swift mounts (110% speed) and higher now all scale to your fastest purchased mount’s speed. [Currently the Swift Spotted Valmera is not scaling like it should after this change.]
* The Specialty Crafting Goods vendors in Sanctum and Meridian now sell lower-tier planar dusts in exchange for the next higher tier dust.
* All Feasts now persist through death – whether you respawn, resurrect, or Soul Walk.
* Warrior PvP PA: Thunderous Leap can no longer be used in instances other than Conquest/Warfronts – such as Dungeons, Raids, Weddings, etc.
* Corrected some unreachable Artifacts and some sneaky typos!
* Fixed a bug where characters who temporarily had Storm Legion access (on a trial basis) would lose the Prestige they had gained at the end of the trial period.

* Teleporting to a Dimension from an active Warfront now applies the Ascended Disgrace debuff.
* Personal Mailboxes can no longer be summoned in Warfronts.
* Conquest: Conquest Marks are now granted to all participants for every 100 kills that occur during a match.

* Instant Adventures for ‘Complete Zone Event’ will now only trigger for IA groups of 3+ players.
* Fixed the Instant Adventure ready window disappearing immediately when queuing for IA with a group.
* Completing the Chronicle ‘A Hero Rises’ now properly grants Eternal City Survivors notoriety.

* Daily: The Thirst Quencher: Added some new spawns and moved some scouts out of rocks. Lowered scout respawn time.
* Daily: Snake Charmer: Increased spawn rate of snakes, reduced their wandering distance, and moved some further away from the rocks.

* Goloch: Slightly increased the casting time of Baleful Smash.

* Reduced the number of Stormborn Talons to 1 in each pack prior to Crucia.
* Crucia:
– Reduced the health of all constructs in phase 1 by 30%.
– Reduced the number of shields on all constructs to 5 (from 10).
– Decreased the cooldown of Dissipation Blast to 10 seconds, down from 20.
– Players are no longer stunned when Crucia goes airborne at 60%.
– Reduced the number of Wind Lash phases from 3 to 1.
– The projectile that creates Storm Cannons travels much faster now, removing a situation where there are no cannons to negate Exploding Tempest.
– Dying on the second platform no longer creates Scattered Storms.

* Fishing: Fishing just got more dangerous for characters more than 20 levels below the level of the zone they’re fishing in – Fisherbot is on patrol!
* Fishing: Improved the cash payout for completing Fishing Derbies. Additionally, level 50+ characters now get both Planar Attunement experience and Uncle Stan’s Tacklebox as rewards.

* The Screaming Blade now has Deflect rather than Attack Power.
* Dimensions: The Round Flesh Rug dimension item is now scale-able.