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New Holiday Achievements Appearing on PTS

By on Feb 5, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

valentines title

February is here, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you know what that means. Those of us who are single get to happily avoid the pink-and-ballooned aisle of our local store! Well, aside from that, of course. There might be some /kissing going on, and not just outside of Telara, but in Telara, as well. In this past weekend’s update on the Public Test Server, some new holiday achievements appeared in the World Event section. And yes, it seems there will be some /kissing. And some killing! And some kind of Love Bug… thing. Read on to take a look.


A Most Nec-Romantic Getaway (pictured above in title image)
/kiss or kill another player at all of the following locations:

  • The church in The Harrow in Stonefield
  • The balcony with a view in Lord’s Hall in Scarwood Reach
  • The courtyard in Shadefallen Keep in Gloamwood
  • The top of Caer Mathos in Stillmoor


i get around

I Get Around
Show some love to the most underappreciated Telarans with a /kiss:

  • Asha’s Chiropractor in Meridian or Cyril’s Stylist in Sanctum
  • Miela’s Publicist in Tempest Bay
  • The Overseer’s Scheduling Assistant in Necropolis
  • Anchrae Jerra’s lawyer in Zareph’s Return in Stillmoor
  • The janitor in the Turnis River Bunker in Ardent Domain


quantity over quality

Quantity Over Quality
Spread the Love Bug to 25 players in Sanctum or Meridian.


quick on the draw

Quick On The Draw
Find THE Love Bug in Meridian or Sanctum, then be one of the first two players to /kiss each other without kissing anyone else while standing near it.

  • /kiss another player and have them /kiss you back near the Love Bug



Try Not To Look Too Desperate
Be the target of the Love Bug from 50 other players while in Sanctum or Meridian.

  • Catch the Love Bug


Some of these seem pretty interesting (well, if you’d count /kissing Cyril’s stylist interesting…), and sound like they may take some time to achieve. As for when we’ll see them, my guess would be during RIFT 2.2, which if these achievements are any indication, we’ll be seeing right around the week of February 14th.

Oh, and there are two other new achievements for completing the new Hard Mode raid fights. One is for Hard Mode Progenitor in Endless Eclipse (called “Ebon Corruption”), and another is for Hard Mode Gelidra in Frozen Tempest (aptly named “Not So Nice Cube”).

  • CrucialCausality

    Haha, make out quests. Thanks for the heads up, keep up the good work.

  • Okram

    Don’t forget the new zone events, including one that seems to be the 2nd Collosi (in line with Volan-like event). 5 achieves for one zone event, reflects the multi-achieves for Volan.

  • Mariel-Taun Day

    Is there a guide or screenshots of where to go to complete these Mariel-Taun Day holiday achievements?
    For example “A Most Nec-romantic Getaway” achievement says you did to visit the “Courtyard” in Shadefallen Keep (Gloamwood zone) but where is the correct location of the SK Courtyard?

    Also there’s “Quick on the Draw” says Find THE Love Bug in Meridan or Sanctum main city, then be one of the first two players to /kiss each other without kissing anyone else while standing near it. Where would that be for each faction? Thanks for any info.

    • Mariel-Taun Day

      meant, you need to visit the courtyard.