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RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #9 – 2/13/13

By on Feb 14, 2013 at 7:34 pm, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: No comments yet

RJ Patch Notes

= Festival of Mariel-Taun =
* The Festival of Mariel-Taun approaches; a celebration of love in Telara!
* Telarans everywhere are being smitten by the Love Bug, a completely harmless disease resulting in such symptoms as ‘butterflies in the tummy’.
* Those suffering from this joyful affliction are infectious, capable of transmitting the Love Bug to up to three additional Telarans.
* Just in time for the celebration, a new Dimension Item merchant has set up shop in Tempest Bay selling wedding-themed decor! This merchant is a permanent addition and its appearance – and items – are not limited to the duration of the Festival.

* You can remove the Love Bug effect from yourself by right-clicking the effect. While you have it, you cannot receive it again.
* After infecting 3 people with the Love Bug, you are immune to re-infection for an hour.
* The Love Bug will begin spreading among the playerbase sometime on Thursday, February 14th in local server time, initially by the use of mysterious love letters sent to a random selection of active characters. Check your in-game mail to see if you have a delivery!
* For Newsletter subscribers, also check your newsletters for a code to obtain a selection of the new Wedding-themed Dimension items!

* Zone Event: Ardent Domain: Feeding Frenzy: Both mini bosses and the final boss should now spawn properly. You should no longer see a state where only one mini boss appears and results in a stuck event. Also linked the map icon for protecting Isabella with the correct event objective.
From last week’s multi-fixes:
* Raid warnings sent by characters you have on your ignore list are now actually ignored.

* [Last Week] Stealth should now be deactivated if the stealthed character is hit by a damaging Tactician Torrent.
* [Last Week] Tactician: Fixed a bug where the width of all Torrents was half of what they should be. They should now be 8 meters wide.

* Double Jeopardy: Should now… work.

* Inflame: Fixed this triggering additional proc effects like Salvation when it shouldn’t.
* Fire Wall: Now tagged correctly as an AoE ability and not single target.

* Spasm: Can now only interrupt boss abilities that were meant to be interruptible. Will not be Blocked, Parried, or Dodged.

* Stonespear: Can now only interrupt boss abilities that were meant to be interruptible.
* Calliope’s Riftblade Crystal: Fixed the 4-piece bonus effect increasing the damage of Storm Blade when it shouldn’t.

* Ambient Engorgement: Fixed this not generating Pacts while you are in combat.
* Calliope’s Void Knight Crystal: The effect triggered by the 4-piece bonus should now have the same duration as the Pacts. It will also not increase the damage dealt by procced effects like Storm Blade and Elemental Touch when it shouldn’t. It will also no longer incorrectly boost damage of abilities like Riftblade’s Storm Blade and Elemental Touch.


* Regulos: Glimpse the Abyss will cease while Regulos is channeling Death’s Apotheosis… for real this time.
* Matriarch of Pestilence: Selected abilities have been adjusted based on the changes to healing Souls.

* Artifex Zaviel: Selected abilities have been adjusted based on the changes to healing Souls.

* Increased the amount of Valor provided by PvP set gear.
* Removed the additional PVP healing reductions on Chloromancer’s Bloom, Essence Surge, Nature’s Touch (Synthesis Target), and Void Life (Synthesis Target).
From last week’s multi-fixes:
* Players who leave their raid in Conquest and then AFK are now kicked from the map after 10 seconds, similar to raid instances.
* Port Scion: Reduced the health and damage of many NPCs.

* Runecrafting: Storm Legion crafted bags now Runebreak into the proper materials.

* Eternal Crystallized Insight is no longer available for purchase from Lepatria Freetairn.
* Relic upgrade items no longer lose any stats when upgraded.
* Old-world notoriety vendor runes are now Bind to Account.
* Quicksilver Seal and Escapist’s Ring now have appropriate Hit values.
* Shroud of Ghostly Whispers: Now has deflect instead of block.