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GuildCenter Exclusive – VotF Threatens to Depart Sea of Sorrows

By on Feb 23, 2013 at 12:14 am, in Buzz, GW2  |  Comments: 14 comments

GW2J Internet News

Reset night in T1 is starting out with some interesting news; in short the Sea of Sorrows (SoS) drama continues to unfold.

As they prepare to enter reset, they are currently involved in heated internal fights.  Multiple sources have confirmed that the catalyst for the internal fighting today is TSYM GM, Coron Bale.   In addition, GuildCenter has obtained an exclusive screenshot confirming the in-fighting occurring tonight.

According to sources, Vengeance of the Fallen (VotF) are strongly debating a move because of this latest server rift and have gathered funds for a move from Sea of Sorrows within the next few days.   We contacted VotF for comment and were advised “we categorically deny that we have decided to leave but it is on the cards”.

Will other guilds follow suit?  Stay tuned.


  • lol

    *grabs popcorn

  • [AGG]Twisted

    This is some quality drama!

  • lol2


    *micheal jackson popcorn*

  • Irony

    oh. this again

  • Jon Rambo

    Tss tss

  • Random ex-SoS member


  • Saddened JQ veteran.

    Looks like PRX isn’t satisfied with adding 2000+ people to JQ to take down SoS, rather they also have to attempt to destroy SoS from the inside because they’re upset we kept winning without them and proved they were a non-factor. I was happier before all these people showed up, playing against our rivals SoS and SBI.

  • Kayla

    Is THIS why Jade Quarry is roflstomping that server now? And here I thought we were just stepping our game up. Lol

  • SOS soldier

    Wow just wow. So pathetic to spy in a rival servers team speak and then screenshot just to create drama. Get a life. Congrats on making prx look bad, clementine.

  • Merc SoS

    Everyone knows CoronBale is a loose canon but there is no arguing his devotion to WvW. He hates people that quit on him. He has built up SoS to be the most dominant NA Server and people don’t show him nearly enough respect.

  • Octavious

    This kind of garbage is what breaks the threads of community and integrity of the game, ultimately diminishing the games involvement and lifespan. I don’t care whose involved and what guilds and their attitudes are. Let servers handle their own internal issues. As a player on a competing server in T1 against SoS, it’s embarrassing to see this even posted as relevant news on the Junkie Nations network. I’ll be writing the Chief Network editor to raise my concerns. Quit trying to aid the destruction of communities.

  • SoS militia

    PRX won’t be happy until they’ve turned SoS into the next HoD, ET, IoJ or SBI.
    As if it’s not enough for them to completely overstack JQ in order to guarantee their wins, or even for them to try and remove SoS from t1 by sponsoring SoR, they now have to completely destroy their opponents from within by manufacturing drama.
    Which server will it be next? Or will PRX grow dissatisfied with JQ (they’ll probably realise that their forces are pathetic compared to other JQ guilds)?

    Why is being number 1 on WvW so important, compared to maintaining server communities? I really feel sorry for all those servers that I listed above, who’ve been completely destroyed by guilds like PRX deciding that they are more important than their servers.
    That said, I also feel pretty sorry for a lot of PRX’s members, being dragged around from server to server and having their names completely destroyed by association with people like Clementine, who, judging from these pathetic attempts at rumour-mongering, is just trying to drive page views on her pathetic little site.

    I do have to wonder what happened to PRX while they were on SoS, that is fueling their needs to now destroy us. Perhaps it is simply because the server did not die the week PRX left, and they feel incensed that they were not any of the reason that SoS made it to #1?

  • azdave

    So when did JunkiesNation get bought out by The National Enquirer?

  • JQ PvDoor Division

    Well, this just in. MERC and ND just left SoS for Blackgate.