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Patch 2.0 – How to Get started on the PTS

By on Feb 23, 2013 at 2:35 pm, in Article, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

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Your greatest on the PTS is getting started, this primer should set you up in no time. Downloading the full PTS 2.0 Client will take some time. I suggest starting the download before you hit the sack or heading to work/school.

Now you must determine your testing character on the PTS. Copy over a character to the PTS from your account page at If you can’t get a copy then the options are narrowed. Role a new character and grind to level 7, then hit the shuttle on your starting planet to the chosen faction’s fleet.

In my case nothing would copy over except a level 13 Bounty Hunter I rolled to level a friend through Hutta. Say hello to Solitairre. This character never made it past her first bounty out of Kaas City, but she’s the first Silversrtrike to 55!

Once you make it fleet side, head to the PvE Supply wing and find the console to level up to 55.

Level 55 Machine

After you channel the console, you’ll be given all the abilities and talent points you can earn at the new level cap. You’ll receive 300 Elite commendations along with unassembled gear.

!Note: You can channel the console repeatedly for commendations and unassembled gear. To totally gear yourself out it takes more than 300 commendations.

Level 55 Testing Gear

Adjust your UI and Quickbars to personal preference then load out your talent tree. Take some time and familiarize yourself with the new passive and active talents available in the talent tree of choice. You also have a new level 51 ability, for Powertechs it is Shoulder Mounted Rockets.

Level 55 Rocket Launcher

There is no leveling content, this test server is focused on gameplay mechanics. My frst random flashpoint was Hard Mode Hammer Station. The boss and trash mechanics are currently the same as the level 15 version. Heath and damage output is cranked up. If you pay attention and use your cooldowns everything should go smoothly. In my case our healer wanted to toss out lighting instead of provide a steady stream of healing, resulting in a tank face down (me) on the decking more than once. The run was an overall success.

Level 55 HM Tunneler

Level 55 HM Kreshan Drops

Load up the PTS and have some fun testing out the new content. My first impression is positive. It felt like my Bounty Hunter was using a much quicker fuel mix. Everything from Shoulder Mounted Rocket to 1.5 second Flame Thrower ticks, this is shaping out to be a successful Xpac.

Level 55 Solitarre

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Space dock, in the company of his fellow Zergadins.




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