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Cademimu Hard Mode

By on Feb 24, 2013 at 2:50 pm, in Article, Guides, SWTOR  |  Comments: 5 comments

Hard Mode Cademimu Header

Tackling Cademimu Hard Mode will represent your first challange with Hard Mode Flash Point revamps in SWTOR’s first Xpac, Scum and Villainy. You will face deadlier versions of Officer Xander and EN-4C, Captain Grimyk, and General Ortol. Besides all the new loot avalible for the earning, you’ll find a fist full of fun in this version of Cademimu. Keep reading for the winning strategies for shutting down Hard Mode Cademimu.

The first change you’ll notice in the 2.0 version of Cademimu are the Social Adjustment Droids. They are no longer Champion level enemies. The droids have been bumped down to Elite level ‘Gold’ mobs. This is a welcome change to the Flash Point. Until now the Adjustment Droids were just sucking the fun out of stomping your way through the trash.

HM Cademimu Adjusmtent Droid


Winding through the streets of Cademimu you’ll encounter Officer Xander and his droid EN-4C. The old version of this encounter was a tank and spank, while avoiding EN-4C. Now the fight has unavoidable mechanics that must be utilized to neutralize the pair.

Once the fight is started you have a few seconds to work on Xander until he activates EN-4C. When the droid powers up, the DPS members of the team need to focus on EN-4C exclusively until downed. If you take out Officer Xander the droid Enrages and will proceed to destroy each team member. While battling the droid you will have trouble doing much damage to it because of it’s absorb shield. To counter the shield you must utilize the Traps laid out by Officer Xander. The traps are glowing circles on the ground. They will trap anything that walks through them, team members or EN-4C. Whomever is being ‘Arrested’ by the droid needs to put he trap between EN-4C and themselves to trap the droid. Caution! DO NOT walk through the trap.

HM Cademimu Xander Trap

It shouldn’t take more than two traps to down EN-4C, after that just burn down Xander. Members will get carbonized throughout the encounter. You can break the carbonize, but you will also get a DoT placed on you as well. This needs to be healed through. Another thing to watch out for are the bombs Xander tosses out. Avoid them if possible to help our your healer.

  • Take out EN-4C using the traps
  • Avoid area damage and carbonize
  • Take out Officer Xander


Next up is Captain Grimyk. The encounter is basically the same as the leveling version, with a small twist. It’s still a Tank and Spank with adds, but the adds must be taken down when they drop down from Grimyk’s ship. Do not burn down the boss before the adds are dealt with. If you press the boss the adds will attack regardless. Our group dealt with the first set with little trouble, then downed the boss quickly and spawned the next two sets of adds (3 in total). The adds proved very difficult with 90k health a piece. The Ugnaughts took out all DPS members quickly. The team whittled down the adds, only with quick thinking and cool downs rolling. The adds will wipe groups if not dealt with in order.

HM Cademimu Captain Grimyk Adds

  • Burn down Captain Grimyk steadily
  • Switch to adds when they appear


You will finally come face to face with General Ortol. This time ’round the old dog has some new tricks for you. First up are his Magnetic Shackles. These shackles will root you to the metal grating. The root can be broken with class abilities, but you will find yourself with no breakers left quickly during the fight. Luckily your team members can break the shackles for you, if they aren’t rooted themselves. To break them simply run to your rooted team member and you will automatically kick off the shackles. In addition to the shackles General Ortol will overload the group into Missile Ignition fires, while the shackles are still attached to your feet. This results in quick deaths under the ignited rockets. The tank will kite General Ortol around the missile bay while the group works him down and avoids his mechanics.

HM Cademimu Ortol Kill

  • The tank kites General Orotol to safe areas
  • DPS and Healer helps to break Magnetic Shackles
  • Deal with Overloads

Post your tips and tricks for this new encounter in the comments section.

HM Cademimu Test Team

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Space Dock, in the company of his fellow Zergadins.




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  • Michael Anderson

    Sounds like they are finally adding some real challenge to the Boss encounters.

  • Silverstrike

    Best part is, none of the challenges were gear based.

  • Mattman Starbanger

    I used to ‘jailbreak’ this flashpoint to make it challenging. Take off every pice of gear, like you jut broke out of prison. Then try to survive the flashpoint using only the low level gear that drops. Lots of fun!

  • chameleon2000

    Nice and thanks a lot for your effort! Will you do guides for the other 3 as well – I’d be extremely thankful :-)

  • Silverstrike

    I will be doing guides for all new HM flashpoints. Along with tip for the new patch. Keep checking the site for posts or follow the twitter feed.