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Future Raid Tests Moving to Player Test Server

By on Feb 25, 2013 at 3:00 pm, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments


When Trion started testing the first couple of encounters in Hard Mode Frozen Tempest and Hard Mode Endless Eclipse back in January, the dungeon team decided to utilize the PTS (Player Test Server) for player testing instead of holding private testing sessions with select guilds. This led to a bit of guild drama, naturally, but it also led to Trion receiving a solid amount of testing feedback in the way of bug reports, etc. Feedback, as we all know, is vital to releasing bug-free content, and Trion’s dungeon team seems rather pleased with the results of this trial of sorts for PTS raid testing. They’re pleased enough, in fact, to plan on moving all dungeon content testing to the PTS.

Keep reading to read the dev tracker post.

Originally posted by Cyzo (Source)

Hey all, we’re making this post in order to enlighten you guys about our general philosophy towards dungeon testing moving forwards and to hear what you like and dislike in regards to these methods.

Having new encounters open on PTS is an excellent way for us to find bugs, get continual feedback on numbers for tuning, and get general feelings about mechanics. The one downside is that guilds can “progress” through testing and when the content goes live they may be able to clear it within the first day or week. We feel that the sheer number of benefits from this method outweigh the negatives. Moving forward we plan to have all dungeon content available on the PTS. Final encounters will potentially be dev only tested to keep some mechanics under wraps, along with various other spot testing with devs on their own encounters at their discretion to iron out more complex mechanics in a manner similar to how raid testing has traditionally functioned.

From what we’ve seen and heard in regards to Hard Mode PTS testing we think that this model functions well based on how much valuable feedback we have received from you guys. We believe that most of you would agree that having these encounters open has led to some well-tuned and bug free fights. Going forward we encourage you to reach out to me or Halvon with feedback, parses, general feelings, and of course streams/videos are extremely helpful. You can PM us with information; we are always open to chat. We want to make testing as fun and painless as possible so we are playing around with some new methods that you will see when the new Sliver, Grim Awakening, goes live on PTS (which should be within a week or two).

If you have any suggestions or concerns about PTS testing please bring them up here or PM if you want to be more discrete. We want to bring you guys the absolute most fun content we can, so getting your voice heard is extremely important since you are the ones playing it! One final note, if you guys can refrain from guild drama/flames in feedback threads we would greatly appreciate it.

Players seem to have mixed thoughts on this decision. Hard Mode testing on the PTS didn’t bother many players since the content wasn’t 100% new, but when it comes to the idea of being able to test whole new raids on the PTS, many players feel that they’d rather experience the excitement and competition of new raids to clear on live servers. Some are afraid that the race to nab world first kills won’t be as fun due to every guild having access to the PTS.

Other players don’t mind the idea entirely, but think Trion needs to rethink the idea a bit and offer scheduled PTS raid testing instead of open testing. This would allow guilds a taste of the content without giving them time to completely learn the encounters inside and out. This would also give Trion’s dungeon team a chance to personally interact with the testers as long as the schedules line up properly. What are your thoughts?

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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