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This Year’s Carnival of the Ascended Achievements

By on Feb 25, 2013 at 6:30 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

carnival 2013 achieves

Surprisingly, Trion hasn’t tossed much information on the Public Test Server about this year’s new additions to Carnival of the Ascended, the RIFT anniversary World Event starting this week. We know a few things, of course. We know that there will be at least two new games and a handful of new rewards including new hats and new mounts thanks to a few hints in the official announcement (look closely at this small screenshot to notice what looks like a recolored Nebula mount). We know there will also be an anniversary cloak up for grabs on the currency vendor.

We’ve also seen a few hints on the PTS. Players got to test out the Carnival of the Ascended alternate The Codex Warfront a couple of weeks ago. This alternate version is called Wheel of Fate, and involves this nifty wheel, balloons, and these awesome cannons that can send you flying across the battlefield while dealing damage to your enemies. Even a non-PvPer has to admit that sounds pretty fun, right?

There have also been a handful of new achievements popping up on the PTS over the past week or so. Among the additions have been a few for Carnival of the Ascended. Keep reading to take a peek!


Along with the Wheel of Fate alternate Warfront, there is a new set of corresponding achievements for participating in the Warfront. These can be found under World Event -> Carnival of the Ascended in your achievement window once the event goes live:

carnival 2013 achievements

You Spin Me Right Round
Spin the Wheel of Fate.

It’s Raining Cannoneers…
Use the cannon in your base in The Codex: Wheel of Fate.

Take damage from an enemy cannoneer at The Codex and live to tell the tale.

Fates Grasp
Be on the team that locks down each of the following points in The Codex: Wheel of Fate:

  • Statue of Throntic
  • The Vault
  • Translation Scope
  • Wheel of Fate

carnival 2013 wheel of fate

Victory: The Codex: Wheel of Fate (this one will probably be changed to “Fate Shines on the Victorious” once the event goes live due to the meta achievement that’s directly underneath)
Win one The Codex: Wheel of Fate match.

carnival 2013 achieves

All’s Wheel that Ends Wheel
Complete all of the following The Codex: Wheel of Fate achievements:

  • You Spin Me Right Round
  • It’s Raining Cannoneers…
  • …Hallelujah
  • Fates Grasp
  • Fate Shines on the Victorious (see above note for Victory: The Codex: Wheel of Fate)

And yep, looks like there is a reward companion pet for completing the meta for Wheel of Fate!


So far, there is one additional Carnival of the Ascended achievement that doesn’t have anything to do with the Warfront. It can be found in the main section of World Events in the achievements window:

carnival 2013 behind the mask

Behind the Mask
Acquire the seven planar Carnival of the Ascended masks:

  • Carnival Air Mask
  • Carnival Earth Mask
  • Carnival Life Mask
  • Carnival Water Mask
  • Carnival Death Mask
  • Carnival Flame Mask
  • Carnival Planar Mask

This also hints at the fact that there will be new, goofy-looking planar-themed hats to buy this year. If you take a look at the top image in Trion’s announcement of 2.2, you can also notice that the team has updated the float/balloon graphics and have added both Regulos and Crucia. The smaller versions will most likely be purchasable off the vendor.

And that’s it for the current PTS achievements for Carnival of the Ascended specifically. We may see more when the event launches. As always, all PTS information is subject to change at any time.

As we find out more information once RIFT 2.2 and Carnival of the Ascended go live, I’ll be sure to write up an updated version of our Carnival of the Ascended guide and preview from last year.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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