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Raid Progression: 2.1 and Beyond

By on Mar 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

endless eclipse

Patch 2.2 hit the servers this week, and it seems like a good milestone to gauge the player response to raid zone Endless Eclipse, which debuted in patch 2.1. How has the raiding community fared against the epic Regulos encounter?

Bleeding edge raiding in RIFT can be difficult in a few ways beyond just trying to kill a demon dragon. Trion has been criticized in the past for buggy encounters, most recently with Crucia. In response they recently announced that the vast majority of future raid content would be made available for “unlimited testing” on the PTR by players, an idea poorly received by top-end raiders.

Aside from comments on the official forums there’s no “official” progression ranking service for RIFT raiders. The closest thing is Rift Progress, and it shows that Regulos survived for almost a full month before a guild could take him down.

That guild was Game Over, a German group on the Brutwacht server. Almost as impressive as the fact that they are the only guild to have killed pre-nerf Regulos was that they also tore through third boss Matriarch of Pestilence, which players joked was actually the hardest fight in Eternal Eclipse. (She was nerfed a few weeks later.)

Guild progression on Regulos has not been without its controversy.  No Quarter, infamous for being accused by Trion of exploiting their World First kill of Maelforge, claimed the first North American kill. It was later revealed that they had used banned “creative game mechanics” on both Matriarch and Regulos.

The official first North American kill eventually went to Addiction less than a week after Game Over.

Roughly 10-15 guilds have killed Regulos by this point. The fight involves surviving massive AOE damage, teleporting mini-bosses, and tight DPS requirements.

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    One day! Oh wait, by the time I get to Crucia/Regulos, the next tier will be out -_-

  • Platinum

    I’ve had to face facts. If I want to experience Raid content in the various MMO’s I play, I have to watch others clear it.
    I lack the skill, the time, and the connections with enough people to run them. *le sigh*