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Live Stream Roundup: Carnival Goodies and Aurora

By on Mar 4, 2013 at 3:00 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

carnival live stream title

In Trion’s last live stream that took place Friday, Elrar showed off some of the new items we’ll be able to grab when Carnival of the Ascended 2013 goes fully underway in the coming weeks. He showed off a new mount that will be available who’s named Aurora. Aurora is a recolored version of Nebula from last year and is a galaxy-inspired steed that’s lighter blue in color and features a mane with icy fire effects. She also breaths out a frozen cloud of vapor every now and then.

Aurora, Nebula, and Tindrel (the clanking spider) will all be available this year. From the sounds of it, Pyrite Doubloons, which were what was used to purchase the two mounts last year, will not be making a return this year. That may mean that the mounts may be purchasable with Glass Beads or obtained during a quest similar to the quests involved in choosing one of the mounts from both Fae Yule and Autumn Harvest.

Keep reading to take a peek at a couple screenshots of Aurora that were taken from the live stream as well as a preview of some of the various Carnival of the Ascended-themed masks and other goodies.

Here are two shots of Aurora in action:

aurora 1
aurora 2

She’s a pretty horse, for sure, and of a slightly different style than the darker Nebula. Still, it’s rather unfortunate she’s just a recoloring of one of last year’s mounts.

Also previewed during the live stream were all of the dragon balloon pets. Most will be returning from last year with the exception of our two new dragons that were recently vanquished– Crucia and Regulos. Crucia’s totally my new favorite. All of the balloon pets will be purchasable with Glass Beads. Elrar also previewed the balloon-totting Fluffy that can be awarded for taking part in The Codex: Wheel of Fate . This version of Fluffy carries around a tiny Regulos balloon of his own and will even attempt to steal more Regulos balloons for himself if he happens to be close to another balloon-totting Fluffy. This happens pretty rarely from the sounds of it, but is awesome on premise alone.

One of the new Carnival of the Ascended achievements this year is a mask-gathering achievement. These masks will be purchasable with Glass Beads. Elrar previewed some excellent closeups of the masks, which I’ll share below (just uh, ignore the random Love Bug hearts).

From the left to right, pictured below: Carnival Life Mask, Carnival Earth Mask, and Carnival Fire Mask –

masks 1

From the left to right, pictured below: Carnival Air Mask, Carnival Water Mask, Carnival Death Mask, and Carnival Planar Mask –

masks 2

Elrar also shared a rough timeline of the various phases that will happen during this year’s Carnival of the Ascended. Phase 0, which is the current phase, is complete preparation along with the appearance of Dragon Pinatas. When Phase 1 goes live on March 7th, we’ll begin to see parade floats being built outside of Meridian/Sanctum as well as in the dock area of Tempest Bay. We’ll be able to aid the building of these floats in a server-wide effort. On March 14th, everything goes full-steam ahead.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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