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Dev Tracker – 2.0 timeline update, between the lines.

By on Mar 5, 2013 at 7:57 pm, in Buzz, SWTOR  |  Comments: No comments yet

FJ Dev tracker

The Devs are busy today throwing around tid-bits of info about upcoming features and current in-game issues. What caught my eye were the specific timeline announcements of player requested features.

Originally posted by Amber Green(Source)

Companions Cannot Wear Gree Armor | 03.05.2013, 06:08 PM

Hi there,

I wanted to stop in and give you an update about this issue. We have a fix implemented to be deployed with the next patch (1.7.2) that will allow your companions to wear gear earned via Galactic Reputation.

As with any fix, testing could provide us with information that requires a delay, so please know that time frames are always intended but never promised. Thanks for your patience on this!

Originally posted by Eric Musco(Source)

[Request] Ready Check? | 03.05.2013, 05:24 PM

I know ready check is something that you folks have been looking forward to for a while and so I wanted to give an update.

Currently, development is near complete on ready check for SWTOR! Right now, it is slated for Game Update 1.7.3 but know that it still has to pass QA along with some other things so it is entirely possible it could come out after 1.7.3.

I am going to do my best to give actual timing on features like this when I can just please be understanding that timing, as in the example above, is entirely subject to change. As long as you can all remain understanding of this, I can give more specifics than we have in the past.

Reading between the lines of these updates, we can reliably say that patch 2.0 is weeks away from release. We are sitting on patch 1.7.1, they have scheduled at least two more patches to come out before Scum and Villainy go live.

I have personally been playing the PTS, and it’s worth waiting for. The changes made to combat and the overall feel are top-notch. It just can’t get here soon enough.




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