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Getting from 46 to Storm Legion the Fast Way!

By on Mar 5, 2013 at 2:00 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

SL approach level

The addition of a new expansion is always an exciting time. There are, however, always some downsides. The biggest with any first expansion seems to be the level grind.  The worst spot, that little hump before you can start the shiny new content. I’m talking, in the case of RIFT, about the mid level 40s.

There are some clever ways of dealing with these issues. Before the XP was nerfed, crafting was a viable means for alts to level. However, in the wake of the XP reduction on SL (Storm Legion) crafting dailies, what is the best method for getting from 46 to SL with ease? I am about to tell you exactly how! SL quests. I know, you have to be 48 to start in Cape Jule or Pelladane.  However, there are some quests you can do in later zones that will level you quickly… and you won’t even have to do the impossible and kill mobs! Even better, it works for new players as well as alts. Here’s how, for both Defiants and Guardians:

1. City Core: There is a single quest at the starting spot as you head north from Cape Jule. Take the quest and you have you will be ready to start stealthily gaining levels and gear! For Guardians, simply get the animals you need. For Defiants, you will need to have a little cc to get to your objective points and escape. While there, you can try to do the quest for finding the four dead bodies, although that will again require cc to complete at this level.

These quests lead to Salvarola, not far up the road. He gives Egg Sacks and Boom Boxes for you to do. If you have a spec with CC you can complete the egg sacks without dying (the tough mobs with red names are immune to the boxes). The Boom Boxes are just spam uses to get enough credit. If not, then you will have to mitigate the damage from the tougher mobs as much as possible while getting your eggs. This leads to scouting the mutant camp. That should leave you without anything you can do (You’d have to kill a 52 after you finish the scouting portion), so head toward your next destination!

2. Eastern Holdings: At 46 for Guardians, you can do the daily drinking quest, and get 2 others. The first is simply porticulum finding, which can easily be done. The second is ‘Hard Reboot’ which requires you to use reboot stations on 5 malfunctioning robots. They will hit for ~1k, so you can easily survive at 46 the one hit they tend to deal before being rebooted.  It may also be possible to get the energy core, but I did not try this. Defiants should be able to complete one or two quests at the Southwall bunker, including ‘Hard Reboot’ and the porticulum quest. Avoid anything that requires you to kill mobs, as it just won’t end well!

3. Ardent Domain: You can complete a large number of quests here. Start with the Bunker, and go through the story. You get a tour, and the ritual quest. You can then complete feral cats, grasping at humanity, and the porticulum exploration. While you’re at it, you can complete the hidden supply quest from the chests in the river.

After this, you can safely do hiding behind the well, the torches leading to the storehouse there, convince the guy he still likes human food (hint– go chocolate!), and the supply crates in the storehouse. You can also sneak off to get the 4 shrines in the area (the first is near the storehouse) and also activate 4 holovids… with a little stealth and only one use of cc for the last holovid required. Just pay attention to mob pathing! You can also try to sneak up and use cc or random invasions to get several other quests (3 bodies while doing feral cats/grasping at humanity and zappers while working toward the storehouse).

At this point, you will be able to start Storm Legion quests, and might have even reached level 50. The vast majority of these quests only have 1 mob at most that would ever need to be engaged at a time. You just need to be patient, and work around the spots that would give you trouble. Remember to keep healing spells/items on hand, and any forms of emergency escape or cc available to help you survive.

Have fun out there in RIFT’s Storm Legion zones. You’ve earned it. Even if you didn’t spend all those hours grinding…


  • Abealri

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  • zeum

    Worked like a charm. 46-52 in 2hrs with 80% boost. A few more details like coordinates and quest names could be added to the guide to keep searching down to a minimum. Tip: You can do many more quests if you have a main and clear out all the trash and log between your characters.