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A Sneak Peek of Dendrome in Development

By on Mar 7, 2013 at 3:00 pm, in Article, Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 9 comments

dendrome title

The PTS (Public Test Shard) can be a fun place. We can test new builds, gear setups, new raids that are currently in development, and oh yeah– explore cool places like Dendrome! A few players have been romping through invisible walls and alternate, uh, areas in order to take a sneak peek at what Trion has cooking for us in the Dendrome zone.

Feel like a preview? Let’s take a look, shall we?

First off, a huge thanks to the players in this thread over in the official PTS forum who did the romping. Most of these screenshots were taken directly from that thread. Secondly, remember that all of this information is still in development and will constantly be changing as Trion continues to work on the zone and finalize it for release. Some screenshots are still extremely rough around the edges.

Here’s what the Dendrome map looks like once it’s explored (click on the image below to pull up the full-size version):

dendrome map


And here is a scenic tour of sorts through screenshots of various areas. Not all areas in the zone have structures or look close to completion whatsoever. These are the areas that show decent progress so far:


Last but not least, see the location on the above map that says “Greenscale’s Crater”? Interesting stuff. Here is what that location currently looks like:

dendrome green

This one’s obviously still a work in progress as you can tell, but it’s still a pretty cool site.

For the ultimate tour, here is a Youtube video featuring the zone as it currently stands.

It’s difficult to judge when Trion will have this area ready for actual testing, but for now, this is enough to sate our exploratory thirsts. For a little while, at least. Oh, and if you’re curious to take a peek for yourself, here’s a hint on how to enter Dendrome on the PTS: Remember that quest in Eastern Holdings that pops you into a dream sequence of sorts? Entering that dream sequence area and moseying all the way into Ashora should drop down the invisible barriers. Trion may possibly fix this at some point, as a warning.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Joe Cooke

    Rift is now just a glorified Mountain Simulator. I see no change here.

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Nice to see Greenscale returning in some form in the story.
    I guess this is where he ‘lived’ but then was lured out to Mathosia to be trapped?

  • Sahrimud Aarsifeld

    Woho, very nice pics, cant wait for walk into dendrome (i look new art, i wish Dendrome converti into EI of SL)

  • kizi3

    very nice pics. i like them.thanks

  • Varius

    Greenscale’s Crater in that pick is just a copy-paste of Dormant Core on Ember Isle.
    The Dendrome you see on Live/PTS is most likely a pre-SL-Beta build. I say this because of the dev markings of key locations which don’t have their models in place yet, the complete lack of any mobs (which there were in Beta) and because of the blue markings (which are rivers) that are in this build of Dendrome.

  • Yepi Friv

    The game is looked very good

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  • friv

    beautiful pictures standard games

  • Friv

    i like them.thanks. beautiful pictures